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Heiddwen Tomos wins the Drama Medal

The winner of the Anglesey National Eisteddfod Drama Medal is a teacher from Carmarthenshire.  

Composition Results - Learners

Composition Results - Literature

Results - 9 August

Deri Tomos to receive the Eisteddfod's Science and Technology Medal

The Anglesey National Eisteddfod Science and Technology Medal is awarded to Deri Tomos, Llanllechid, Gwynedd, for his lifelong contribution to science through the medium of Welsh. 

Emma Chappell is the Welsh Learner of the Year

This year’s Welsh Learner of the Year is Emma Chappell.  

Results - 8 August

No winner for the Musicians' Medal

Tonight, it was announced that there was no winner for the Musicians’ Medal at the Anglesey National Eisteddfod.