The Ceremonies

Come to enjoy the ceremonies where our poets, writers and musicians are honoured.  They are a unique part of the Eisteddfod and our chance to celebrate our nation’s successes. During the week, Wales’ foremost poets and writers are welcomed to the Pavilion stage to receive prizes for their work.  The Gorsedd of the Bards is responsible for some of these ceremonies.

The Gorsedd is responsible for the following ceremonies:

  • Crowning Ceremony: A poet receives the Crown for writing poetry in free verse (16.30, Monday)
  • Prose Medal: A writer receives the Medal for writing a volume of prose.  (16.30, Wednesday)
  • Chairing Ceremony: A poet receives the Chair for writing poems or an ode in strict metre (cynghanedd).  (16.30, Friday)

A number of other ceremonies are held during the week, and these also honour the main winners in their fields.

  • Visual Arts winners: The Gold Medal for Fine Art, the Gold Medal for Craft and Design and the Gold Medal for Architecture will be presented at this ceremony.  (17.20, Saturday)
  • Daniel Owen Memorial Medal: A writer receives the Medal for the best novel in this year’s competition.  (16.30, Tuesday)
  • Musicians’ Medal: The Medal is presented for the best music composition this year. (13.35, Wednesday)
  •  Welsh Learner of the Year: (19.35, Wednesday)
  • Drama Medal: The author of the best drama will receive the Drama Medal in this ceremony. (16.45, Thursday)

The Gorsedd also honours new members at 11.00 on Monday and Friday morning in the Gorsedd Circle on the Maes. The ceremonies are held in the Dance Pavilion if the weather is bad.