Unique Gifts and Merchandise to Publicise the 2020 National Eisteddfod

24 June 2019

A piece of jewellery inspired by the red kite and a special drink influenced by one of the region’s most famous poets are some of the unique gifts and merchandise created to raise funds and awareness about the National Eisteddfod’s visit to Ceredigion in 2020.

Trafferth mewn Tafarn is one of 14th century poet, Dafydd ap Gwilym’s most iconic poems, and the title is now becoming relevant and famous again as the name of a brand new gin which has been distilled and bottled by the Trefeurig appeal committee, in aid of next year’s festival.

Sara Gibson explains how the project developed, and says, “We were discussing how to raise money for the Eisteddfod, and we were obviously aware of the links with Dafydd ap Gwilym so we thought how we could build on this link.  His most famous poem is Trafferth mewn Tafarn, and we started discussing how we could create our own drink.

“We looked at which relevant plants grow locally so we could create a unique drink, and then the work of distilling and bottling 400 bottles of the Trafferth mewn Tafarn gin began.  We’ve taken so many pre-orders already that we may well have to create another batch.”

The 2020 Eisteddfod will be located near Tregaron, and one of the region’s most famous businesses is jeweller, Rhiannon Evans.  She has got involved in the preparations for the festival by creating a beautiful piece of jewellery reflecting the red kite, which is one of the area’s most famous natural symbols.  She says, “In our piece, Adar yr Orsedd, the red kite is seen circling the Gorsedd Stones.  Visitors have been flocking to the area to see the red kite for some time, so considering the Eisteddfod's visit to the area next year, we created a special piece of jewellery combining the bird with one of the Eisteddfod's symbols. 

"Available as a brooch, badge, earrings or cufflinks, £20 from every sale goes towards the Eisteddfod fund.  The aim is to sell over 500 to the people of Ceredigion and further afield, to raise more than £10,000 towards the festival."

The local visitors experience committee has also been hard at work developing new ideas on how to raise awareness about the Eisteddfod within the county and further afield, according to chair, Deina Hockenhull.

“We are lucky that people have been developing a range of new ideas, which are not only unique but also very appealing.  We’ll be unveiling our brand new t-shirts and hoodies before long, and they’ll be available to buy for the first time at the Proclamation Festival in Cardigan this Saturday, 29 June.

“The primary aim is to raise money, but it’s just as important to raise awareness and to continue with the fantastic enthusiasm across the county, as we look forward to hosting the Eisteddfod in 2020.”

Merchandise and gifts will be available from the National Eisteddfod website soon, www.eisteddfod.wales.

The Ceredigion National Eisteddfod is held near Tregaron from 1-8 August.  For more information go online.