Learn Welsh Village

Learn Welsh Village is the place for learning Welsh on the Maes and the place to come for information about the language.


Pentref Dysgu Cymraeg / Learn Welsh Village

The Eisteddfod is a wonderful place if you’re learning Welsh or considering learning the language. Experience the culture of Wales and the language in a unique atmosphere for a whole week, and it’s a chance to practise your Welsh all day every day! There’s a warm welcome for learners at every activity on the Maes.

This is where learners from all parts of Wales- and beyond – come together to socialise, compete, share experiences, enjoy the company of Welsh speakers, and most of all, to have fun. It’s the perfect place for people to use their Welsh over a cuppa, and there’s lots going on throughout the week. Talks are held on a variety of subjects – music, archaeology, nature, history, sports. Yoga, karate and dance sessions. Also story sessions for children and live music – to name but a few! There is something there for everyone – of all ages, learners and fluent Welsh speakers.

There are plenty of competitions for Welsh learners at the Eisteddfod, and competing can be lots of fun. Why not give it a go?

The Learners’ section’s main competition is the Welsh Learner of the Year competition, and this is one of the Eisteddfod’s major awards.

Welsh Learner of the Year semi-finals will be held on the 16th May, at the National Library, Aberystwyth.

Information about all the competitions for learners can be found in our booklet ‘Competitions for Welsh learners’.

Organised by the Eisteddfod.
Please return competition forms to;
Eisteddfod Organiser
Eisteddfod Office
Unit 15
Mold Business Park
Wrexham Road


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