Syniad o Amser: Kathod

19 November 2020

As she curated the latest issue of the Merched yn Gwneud Miwsig ‘zine, Heledd Watkins decided she’d like to develop the project further by creating a musical collaboration to accompany the magazine

Heledd, who’s a member of HMS Morris, asked Bethan Mai (Rogue Jones) and the winner of this year's Welsh Album of the Year Award, Ani Glass to take on the challenge of writing a song together – but remotely - and 25 November sees ‘Syniad o Amser', by brand new band, Kathod, heard for the first time on Lisa Gwilym’s show on BBC Radio Cymru.  The song will also be released on Bandcamp on 4 December (, with money raised going to Welsh Women’s Aid.

Heledd Watkins said, “I've always wanted to work with other women in the SRG (Welsh Rock Scene), but have been too nervous to ask! But, this magazine and boredom during lockdown was the perfect chance to go for it. I’ve always been a huge fan o Bethan and Ani’s work, and I’ve seen them performing live many times, so it’s been a huge privilege to work with them.

“So here's round 1 of Kathod, a song I’ve written with Bethan, and produced and mixed by Ani Glass. I’m so excited for you all to hear ‘Syniad o Amser’”

Bethan Mai added, “It's been really exciting to create something like this as a group of women. The idea was originally based on Atomic Kitten, but as it developed, we thought it’d be great if the project could carry on in the future.

“We don't want Kathod to be defined by the line-up, and would love it if the group could evolve, with members able to pop in and out, reflecting different talents and people’s availability.  We really want to keep the idea fresh and make sure it empowers women from the very beginning.”

The Merched yn Gwneud Miwsig ‘zine, which inspired the Kathod project, is available to read and download from and on Instagram @merchedmiwsig now.


Gwaith celf / Artwork: Cadi Dafydd Jones (Torri + Gludo)

Gwaith celf / artwork: Cadi Dafydd Jones