Sponsorship Case Study: Peninsula Home Improvements

8 August 2017

One of Y Lle Celf’s sponsors this year was Peninsula Home Improvements, a local Gaerwen-based company, which has sponsored a wide range of community activities and cultural projects in the area over the years. 

Company Managing Director, Ken Grayson, outlined the importance of supporting local projects and activities.

He said, “The company all felt that the Eisteddfod’s visit to Anglesey was  fantastic opportunity for us to get involved.  The festival is the cultural highlight of the year in Wales, and this year, it was in Anglesey – on our doorstep.  We had to get involved, and we’re jo pleased that we had the chance.

“We believe that every business is run by people who live within their own communities, and it’s important for us to support these communities.  We feel that we’re part of the community and it’s very important to us.

“We’d been discussing what kind of company we are, and some words kept coming up over and over again.  Words like ‘caring’, ‘kind’, ‘warm’ and ‘proud’, and I’m pleased to say that these are our values.  We’re much more than a company created to make a profit – we’re also a company which wants to make a difference.

“And what better way is there to deliver our values than by supporting the arts and creativity?  I strongly believe that every company should do more to sponsor the arts.  We live in difficult times when the public purse is being squeezed, and there’s a place for small companies to get involved and make a difference.

“It’s good for the organisation which receives the support and it’s also good for us as a company.  It shows our customers and potential customers that we are in touch with the local area and that we support our communities.  In turn, this makes us a company people wish to employ and bring us their business.

“It’s so good to see a project succeed or thrive because we’ve been able to offer support or help.  Support can make a real difference to an organisation working at grassroots level.  And this is what we’ve been doing locally, supporting projects within our communities, providing opportunities for people to take part in activities which enrich their lives.

“It was great to see the William Mathias Schools Service Brass Band getting a rousing reaction on the Open Air Stage during the Eisteddfod.  A group of youngsters who come together and are trained by local tutors.  A few years ago we helped them to hold a summer course for their members, and a number of those on the stage on Llwyfan y Maes this year had benefitted from that course.  There’s always a legacy for supporting the arts, and we were proud to be involved.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Y Lle Celf team and Manon Awst, who was responsible for this year’s special exhibition.  And I hope we’ll be able to offer more support in the future.  Supporting the Eisteddfod was a natural step for us as a local company, and I would encourage other companies to get involved with our national festival, especially when it’s held on the doorstep.  It was a great experience for us here at Peninsula Home Improvements.”