Serenestial: An Adventure in Time and Space

29 June 2016

Step into an adventure in time and space, as the National Eisteddfod Pavilion hosts Serenestial, an amazing and spectacular experience for the whole family on Tuesday evening 2 August.

Children of all ages are fascinated by all things space-like, so why not treat the family to a brand new show created by famous harpist, Catrin Finch, as part of the Eisteddfod festivities in Abergavenny this summer?  And the experience begins as soon as you walk into the world-famous festival Pavilion.

Join us as we hurtle through time and space, discovering the stories of the planets as we go.  Using a clever mixture of music, literature and dance, this show, inspired by Holst’s famous music, The Planets, will be both magical and informative for the whole family, linking the magic of space with science.

Catrin tells us the story behind the concert, “We want to create a fantastic experience for the whole family.  Everyone is fascinated by space, planets and the solar system, and we all want to know more about the story of what lies in the sky at night.  This evening performance brings all the excitement of time and space alive, in a family friendly show, which will amaze and entertain children of all ages.

“Working on the show has been a fantastic experience.  As a mother myself, I know that children are fascinated by the planets and space, so this evening will be an exciting adventure, awakening all their senses and providing them with an unforgettable experience through music, dance and literature.

“I’m delighted to be joined by a group of wonderful performers on the night, and I’m very much looking forward to a memorable evening at the Eisteddfod.”

One of the stars of the shows will be young Cardiff violinist, Charlie Lovell-Jones.  At one 17 years old, Charlie has been winning national competitions and awards for many years, most recently at the National Urdd Eisteddfod in May.  Destined to be one of Wales’ top musicians, Charlie joins Catrin and leading Welsh soprano, Elin Manahan Thomas to perform on the Eisteddfod stage. 

Ballet Cymru, Wales’ only professional ballet company, will provide the dance aspect of the evening, and actress, Sara Lloyd-Gregory will perform brand new poetry by former Children’s laureate, Eurig Salisbury as we delve ever deeper into the history of the planets and the solar system.

Serenestial: An Adventure through Times and Space is at 20.00 on Tuesday, 2 August, in the Eisteddfod Pavilion, Castle Meadows, Abergavenny.  For more information and to purchase tickets go to


Catrin Finch is responsible for the eveningSerenestial promotional poster