To ensure that preliminary rounds run on time it is important that every competitor (or representative) is present at the start of each prelim to register (see below).  I would kindly ask you to follow this rule for fairness and for the common good.

1. It is expected that each individual and group competitor (or representative) attend the prelim by the time indicated on the attached sheet.  All competitors will be registered at the beginning.
2. If a competitor is unable to arrive by the specified time, because he/she is at another prelim, he/she must send a representative to register on his/her behalf.  Failing to do this will deem the competitor to be out of the competition - the prelim will end once the last registered competitor has performed.
3. I would like to remind you that we do not provide official accompanists for instrumental/musical theatre competitions.
4. If your prelim is being held within the Wales Millennium Centre, you will be required to pick up a wristband from the Wristband Collection Counter at the competitor information desk based in the Wales Millennium Centre foyer before registering for the prelim. 
Prelim locations within the Wales Millennium Centre that require a wristband:
• Seligman
• Preseli
• Hoddinott Hall
• Theatr y Maes
Prelim locations located around Cardiff Bay (don’t require a wristband):
• Societies 1 (Located at the Senedd)
• Societies 2 (Located at the Senedd)
• Societies 3 (Located at the Senedd)
• Shwmae Caerdydd (Located at Pierhead)
• Tŷ Gwerin (Located at the back of the Waterguard, opposite the Norwegian Church)
• Urdd Hall, Urdd Cardiff Sleepover, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AL
• Urdd Classroom, Urdd Cardiff Sleepover, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AL
• Portland House, Bute Street, CF10 5EQ
Prelim locations located outside of Cardiff Bay (don’t require a wristband):
• Gibson Studio and Rehearsal Room 3:10, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, CF10 3ER
Late competition arrivals
IMPORTANT : The Eisteddfod cannot accept responsibility for any late arrivals. If there is a problem of any kind, please contact the Office: / 0845 4090 400