Own choice pieces & Copyright

Own Choice pieces

A number of competitions at the Eisteddfod are own choice selections, and our rules stipulate that own choice copies must be sent to the Office.  If you have not already done so, send your copies as soon as possible to the Mold Office, as we will be sending them out to the adjudicators over the next couple of weeks – you are placing yourself at a competitive disadvantage by not doing so.



IMPORTANT – It’s the responsibility of all the choirs, parties, groups and individuals to ensure that you have performance and translation rights for your own choice pieces. This is vital, and is a legal mandatory requirement.

Copyright Guidance and Support for National Eisteddfod of Wales competitors

It is the responsibility of choirs, parties, groups and individuals to ensure that the Welsh translation of all own choice pieces have received the relevant permissions/copyright license. This therefore applies to each own choice piece in the Music, Choral and Drama sections.

To start with, please contact Elinor Jones, Assistant Organiser, to enquire as to whether a cleared translation already exists in the Eisteddfod office: elinor@eisteddfod.org.uk / 0845 4090 400

The Eisteddfod has a multitude of translations - but many of them have had clearance for use at one Eisteddfod, and therefore consent from the publishers will be required again for further use.

Thus, the process is:

––– Translate the piece into Welsh - use an experienced translator / obtain a translation from the Eisteddfod office
––– Transliteration – rewrite the translation literally (generally into English) and submit this version to the publishers
––– Contact the relevant publisher, submit the translation and the transliteration to the publisher, and ask for a copyright licence to use it at the Eisteddfod.
––– Some publishers will charge for this.

It is vital that the translated piece that you perform is cleared - unless this is done, you will not have the right to perform or broadcast the piece from any of the Eisteddfod stages.

You will be required to declare that you have received permission from the publishers for your translation on the relevant form from the Eisteddfod office.

For further assistance for 'clearance' for music pieces, please contact the Welsh Department at PRS for Music in London - see below:

Tom Williams

Broadcast Licensing Consultant

020 3741 4033



For further help – please contact Sioned Edwards at the Eisteddfod office:

sioned@eisteddfod.org.uk / 0845 4090 300


Rehearsal Accompanient
Please note that this year, you are able to download the accompaniment for all the set pieces from the Eisteddfod website – a resource to help you chose a suitable piece for your voice, and for rehearsal purposes:

More information can be found here.