Launch of Conwy County National Eisteddfod Schools Pack

14 June 2019

With the National Eisteddfod in Conwy County fast approaching, the Eisteddfod and Conwy Borough Council’s Welsh Language Advisory Team have been working together on a project with schools across the county.

With the National Eisteddfod in Conwy County fast approaching, the Eisteddfod and Conwy Borough Council’s Welsh Language Advisory Team have been working together on a project with schools across the county.

On Friday morning, 14 June, with only fifty days to go until the Eisteddfod, there’ll be a chance to learn more about this project at a special session in Ysgol Pencae, Penmaenmawr, with the children showing the work they’ve already been doing and the schools pack will also be launched.

The project includes two colourful packs which are being distributed to all schools, as well as digital workshops for seven schools across the region.  The Welsh Language Advisory Team has created two packs, one for pupils in Welsh medium schools and the other for Welsh learners.

The packs have been designed and produced by the National Eisteddfod, and are an attractive and engaging introduction to the festival and the local area.  Delyth Wynne Jones, Team Leader at the Welsh Language Advisory Team, says”There are two packs of discussion cards for Conwy primary schools.  One pack is suitable for Welsh medium schools, and this pack encourages them to discuss the co-operation and joint working needed within a local area to host the national festival.

“The four purposes of the new 2022 Curriculum for Wales have been incorporated within the pack.  Another pack has been created for English medium schools, which will raise awareness about the Eisteddfod and its visit to the local area by concentrating on local history and culture.”

The packs will be distributed to every school in the county over the next few days.

Seven local schools have also been working on a digital scheme, with pupils learning lots of new skills.  Working with practitioner Robin Williams from CYDAG, every school is creating three videos, and these will be shared electronically and shown on the Maes during Eisteddfod week.

Robin Williams said, “The schools have been hard at work over the past few weeks working on all kinds of ideas, and the aim is to showcase the county in a different and friendly way to Eisteddfod visitors.

“With so many myths and legends in the area, it will be good to see and hear some of these stories in the short animated films produced by every school, with stories about mermaids, dragons and the drowning of Llys Helig amongst the stories chosen.

“There’s also a chance to get to know some of the areas as the children create a ‘rough guide’ for where they live and these will be shared on social media by the Eisteddfod and others in the period running up to the Eisteddfod.

“And the children have also been learning more about their local area through the ages, and have created short documentary films, which has been a great way to find out more about their village or town.

“Some of the schools have already completed the project and the others are still working on different elements.  At the end, we’ll have a great series of short films about Conwy County created by school pupils across the whole county.”

National Eisteddfod Chief Executive, Betsan Moses, added, “This has been a wonderful project, and it’s great to work in partnership with organisations and practitioners at grassroots level.

“These packs offer structured lessons for every KS2 pupil across the county to learn more about the Eisteddfod, linking cleverly into the new Curriculum for Wales.  We are grateful to the Welsh Language Advisory Team for all their work and vision on this project.  It’s a great resource and something we can build on in the future as the Eisteddfod travels across Wales.

It’s also a pleasure to see the short films created by the schools.  I feel as though I’ve got to know Abergele and Penmaenmawr much better now after seeing all the work!  As the Eisteddfod visits an area, it’s important that our visitors see what the area has to offer, and this project is an excellent way of doing this.

This year’s festival is the Conwy County National Eisteddfod.  The MAs is on the outskirts of Llanrwst, but people across the whole county have been supporting and raising money for almost two years, and we are extremely grateful to everyone for their support.  I hope our visitors will enjoy these short films and will get the chance to explore the county during the festival – the area has so much to offer.”

The schools involved in the digital project are Ysgol Pencae, Penmaenmawr, Ysgol Ysbyty Ifan, Ysgol Bro Aled, Llansannan, Ysgol Glan Morfa, Abergele, Ysgol Llangelynnin, Conwy, Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd, Llandudno and Ysgol Bro Gwydir, Llanrwst.

The Eisteddfod will be sharing the videos through social media from the end of June onwards and they will also be available to watch online and in a special showing in Sinemaes on the Eisteddfod field on Thursday afternoon, 8 August at 13:45.

The Conwy County National Eisteddfod is held on the outskirts of Llanrwst from 3-10 August.  For more information go online,