Hugh Brightwell

Hugh Brightwell lives in Ellesmere Port, close to the Welsh border. 

He and his wife, Gilly spoke about moving to Wales, and this is when he started learning Welsh, so he could chat to people here in Wales.  But as he started learning, he became interested in Welsh history and culture. 

Hugh attended Welsh classes and followed online courses, attending more than one class every week.  He used the Memrise website to develop his vocabulary, and has attended a number of courses such as summer schools and day schools to improve his skills.

He decided to further his interest in history and archaeology by studying archaeology in Welsh with Rhys Mwyn, and this is an aspect he enjoys.

Hugh said, "I’ve enjoyed my experiences learning Welsh and I intend to continue to study."  He is also keen to share his experiences with other learners, as he feels that he understands many of the problems they face, so he wants to help as many learners as possible as they set about learning Welsh.