Gorsedd of the Bards Examinations

3 February 2016

There’s a few weeks left to go before the closing date to register for this year’s Gorsedd of the Bards examinations.

Have you considered how exciting it would be to be part of one of the Gorsedd ceremonies on the Pavilion stage in the Eisteddfod?  Or have you imagined being welcomed to the Gorsedd by the Archdruid during the colourful ceremony on the Maes during Eisteddfod?

If so, why not start preparing for the examinations, in the hope that you will be joining one of our leading and most famous national traditions?  The closing date is 1 March, and the examinations are held during April.

Gorsedd Examinations Organiser, Gwyn o Arfon, says, “People contact us every year wanting to join the Gorsedd, and the examination route is a good way of attracting new members.

“You can join the Gorsedd if you have a degree in some specific subjects, of course, but sitting the examination does appeal to a wide range of people.  We have a wide-ranging syllabus, full of interesting themes, and it’s a great opportunity for anyone to broaden their horizons whilst studying.

“Applicants can study poetry, music, language and prose, as well as specific themes for harpists, cerdd dant performers and heralders.  All details are on the Eisteddfod website, and the examinations are held on the last Saturday of April at convenient centres across Wales.”

You can download the syllabus for this year and 2017 from the website, www.eisteddfod.wales/gorsedd-examinations and this section also includes recent past papers and example answers to help to get you started.

You must be able to write in Welsh to enter the Gorsedd examinations as all the papers are in Welsh and the examinations are conducted through the medium of Welsh.

If you are successful in this year’s examination, you could receive the Green Robes in the Gorsedd Circle at the Monmouthshire and District National Eisteddfod, held in Castle Meadows, Abergavenny, from 29 July – 6 August.



For more information about the Eisteddfod, go to www.eisteddfod.wales, and for more information on the Gorsedd of the Bards go to www.gorsedd.cymru.