Sponsorship Opportunities

Our primary aim is to promote the Welsh language and the culture of Wales, in an inclusive and welcoming way. 

We believe that the Eisteddfod is the festival for everyone, whether they speak Welsh or not.  Our varied activities and vibrant spirit sets us apart from other festivals, making us one of the world’s greatest cultural festivals. 

The festival itself, the highlight of a two year community project, brings people together to enjoy, compete, and learn new skills in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, building community confidence and providing a boost for the language, culture and the economy locally.

Described as Wales’ leading mobile regeneration project, our commitment to the local community over two years is a vital part of our work.

What you will gain from our partnership

The National Eisteddfod is the highlight of the Welsh cultural calendar.  Its reach and appeal is second to none.  Media wise, it is the one of the BBC’s largest outside broadcasts, with coverage on TV, radio and online, in both Welsh and English during the week.  Press coverage is also intensive and many of our sponsors benefit from coverage in both local and national press.

Our partnership will enable the Eisteddfod to develop further, offering additional opportunities for people in Wales and beyond to enjoy our language and our culture, both during the festival itself and as part of the community project over a period of two years.

Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to provide you with coverage and promotional opportunities prior to the festival itself and during the week, we will work with you to ensure that you and your company benefit from our partnership.

We will work with you to match your company priorities with our aims and corporate opportunities, looking at maximising opportunities and coverage for you at all times, to ensure that your investment goes further.

Which package works for you?

Our opportunities are divided into three areas, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Each area has its own benefits for the sponsor, and we will tailor each package to your needs - an unique bespoke sponsorship programme to maximise your impact at Wales' most vibrant festival.  

Gold is aimed at large companies keen to make an impact in Wales and beyond.  These opportunities include the week’s highlights and will provide you with high profile coverage across all platforms. Packages include our most popular events and pavilions, appealing to our wider audience.  Companies involved at gold level will also be linked to the organisation throughout the community based project.  This package provides the maximum level of benefits and support.

Silver is aimed at companies looking to target particular sectors, keen to develop their relationship with the public in Wales, and those interested in culture, the arts and the language generally.  Packages include a wide range of opportunities across the competitive, ceremonial and social aspects.  Many of the opportunities provide coverage and promotional opportunities prior to the festival itself.  This package provides a strong level of benefits and support.

Bronze is aimed at smaller companies and businesses, looking at using the festival to promote a specific service or produce.  This package appeals to those involved in the arts and culture and who may be involved in promotional work through the medium of Welsh, or looking to develop a Welsh language or bilingual service.  This package is perfect for web-based companies and those offering a service to our target audience.  Packages cover a wide range of activities, many of which will reach our core audience, and will match the needs of potential sponsors.  This package provides an attractive level of benefits and support.

Contact us for more details and to discuss which package works best for you and your company.

Betsan Moses

Chief Executive

National Eisteddfod of Wales

40 Parc Tŷ Glas, Llanisien, Cardiff, CF14 5DU

Phone: 0845 4090 300; email: betsan@eisteddfod.org.uk