Delight at success of Eisteddfod Proclamation

9 July 2018

The Conwy County Eisteddfod Proclamation Festival was held in Conwy over the weekend, and proved to be a great success, according to organisers.

With well over 1,000 forming part of a huge procession through the historical town of Conwy, this was the largest event of its kind to welcome the Eisteddfod for many years.

Hundreds of children from all parts of the county had joined the celebrations, creating banners especially for the event before joining local societies and organisations and the Gorsedd, to announce the coming of the Eisteddfod to the area next year.

The town’s streets were packed as local residents and tourists alike joined in the celebrations, before the procession returned to Bodlondeb Park for the official ceremony on a hot and sunny afternoon.

Trystan Lewis, Conwy County Eisteddfod Executive Committee Chair, said, “Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to Conwy on Saturday.  What a special day, and what a welcome for the Conwy County Eisteddfod!

“The last year has been extremely busy.  A year of fundraising and awareness raising, creating the list of competitions and preparing for Saturday’s event, and it’s great to see everything come together with such a special day here in Conwy.

“There’s a little over a year to go.  Over the next few months, we will be working on the programmes around the Maes to ensure we have plenty of choice and variety for everyone across the Maes in Llanrwst from 2-10 August next year.”

Saturday’s ceremony was also a chance for the Gorsedd Recorder, Christine, to announce that the local poet and publisher, Myrddin ap Dafydd, has been elected as Archdruid from 2019-22.  This announcement was warmly welcomed by the crowds in Conwy, and he will officially take over next year.

Speaking about his appointment, he said, “I am very much looking forward to the work, and of course, being part of the festival in the Conwy Valley will mean so much to me.

“A number of people have tried to persuade me to be nominated for the post of Archdruid over the years, many of whom I respect greatly, but the one thing which made a difference this time was that it was a group of poets from a younger generation who wanted to put my name forward.  I felt the time had come for me to accept the honour.”

The Eisteddfod is held on the outskirts of Llanrwst from 2-10 August next year.  For more information go online,