Cyfle i gael blas ar gelf a chrefft yn Sir Conwy

10 June 2019

Are you fascinated by fabric printing?  Would you be delighted by décor textiles?  Or could you take pride in your pastel painting?  If so, the Conwy County National Eisteddfod Visual Arts Committee may be able to help you!

They say everyone has a creative flair.  Some are lucky enough to discover it when you, while other realise when they’re a little older; but many of us live for years and years without realising that a mysterious talent lurks deep inside us!

But, thanks to a lovely scheme by the National Eisteddfod, you could discover your hidden talent, in a series of taster sessions in the Conwy area this year.

Some sessions have already taken place, others are sold out, but there are still limited tickets available for a number of the events.

The Eisteddfod’s Visual Arts Officer, Robyn Tomos, said, “This is a lovely scheme organised by the committee, and the aim is to give people of all ages the chance to have a go at a new element of art or craft, or to develop their skills if they’ve already shown an interest in a specific craft.

“There are all kinds of sessions available, and it shows how strong and diverse the visual arts sector is in Conwy County, with many of the artists known internationally.  It’s great that the majority of the artists either live and work here or come from the county!

“Thank you to everyone who has been organising these sessions and to the many artists who have worked with us on the project.

“Tickets are limited for many of the sessions, and others have already sold out, but why not have a look at what’s available and have a go?  Who knows – you might get a special taste for one of the sessions and carry on learning and developing your skills.  And remember, you can take your work home at the end of the session!

There’s loads of different sessions available as part of the project, from drawing with stitches with Cefyn Burgess, which is already sold out, creating silver jewellery with designer and creator of this year’s Eisteddfod Crown, Angela Evans, and screen printing with Tara Dean.

Paul Pigram, is also leading three sessions.  He is not only a renowned artist but also an author and tutor, with his book, Beginning Pastel, among the most important books for anyone wanting to develop their pastel painting skills.  His first session, castles, is held on 16 June, then mountains on 7 July and landscapes on 21 July, with all sessions held at his studio in Tal-y-cafn, Conwy Valley.

Book online by going to  You can also contact us directly if you have any questions or to put your name on the waiting list, or ring 07472 531 813.  Remember that there is a closing date for booking a space on the courses, so make sure you get in touch well in advance.

For more information, go to the Eisteddfod website,