Crime Reduction and Personal Safety

The Eisteddfod and Maes B are by and large peaceful events, yet some crime does unfortunately occur. 

The most common crime is theft, and this can be from about your person or from tents. Property lock-ups are provided, security staff and stewards patrol the site and CCTV cameras are employed – both on and off site – for crime prevention purposes.

You can help yourself by following the advice below. Don’t let criminals spoil your enjoyment by committing crime against you or your friends.


- Lock and empty your vehicles. Leave the glove compartment open and conspicuously empty. Remove valuables and rub out ‘suction’ marks on windscreens where a suction holder would hold a sat nav. Thieves actually look for these round marks so they can assess whether or not to break in, in the hope your Satnav is in the vehicle. Remove your Satnav from the car and use one of the lockers on site to safely store it.

- Only bring what you can afford to lose.

- Set up camp near friends, and make friends with your neighbours. Look out for each other’s property.

- Mark your property: clearly label your gear (including your tent) with your postcode. Obvious indelible markings will significantly reduce the risk of things being stolen and will increase the chance of their return if found. Tag your keys with a phone number and a friend’s address. Use the security lockups on site (a charge will be made) for your valuables and other personal belongings.

- If you cycle to the festival there will be a place you can lock your bike up on site.

- Take any valuables – including prescription medication – with you when you leave your tent: keep them with you or store them in the security lock-ups. Register your property before you go on a national and free database called

- To make life harder for thieves, leave your tent untidy so there’s not an obvious bag to grab quickly.

Tent / Theft Advice

To prevent thefts from happening at night-time. Keep your wallet/purse/phone, inside your sleeping bag with you whilst you sleep.

- Ladies: your handbag or phone by your pillow will not prevent you from being a potential theft victim. Put it inside your sleeping bag as you sleep.

- Men: don’t leave your wallet/phone/cash in the pockets of trousers or shorts, as these items are grabbed by a thief on the safe assumption you left them there! Put them inside your sleeping bag with you.

- Some tents allow you to move the zip both ways. If the tent has been zipped down a thief only has to lift the zip a small way up and can easily reach inside the bottom of your tent. They can also be crouching down so remain hidden. If you have zipped UP then a thief cannot reach inside so easily, and may have to remain standing so be more conspicuous.

- Be inventive about where you hide your valuables when sleeping: you may not hear someone enter your tent, so separate your money and valuables into small amounts and hide them in different places in your tent, or better still, put them in your sleeping bag with you.

- If you think you might forget where you have pitched your tent, take a photo of the area and any unusual features nearby on your mobile so you can see what looks familiar.

Mobile phones

- Make a note of the IMEI number for any mobile phones you own, which you can find by keying *#06# into your handset. This will enable your service provider to cancel the handset making it useless for anyone else using it if it’s stolen.

- If you have a Smartphone, activate the ‘find my phone’ app or similar. Make sure you keep a note of any usernames or passwords.

- List a few contacts as I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) on your mobile phone, so that, in a worse case scenario, the emergency services will be able to contact your family – and it also might mean that we can re-unite you with your phone. (ICE numbers should be parents and other members of the family or close friends)

Personal Safety

- Arranging a meeting point with your friends in case you get split up is vital as phone signals can’t be relied upon, and calls may get missed due to noise levels. Arrange a meeting point for different areas you are in so you can all reunite quickly and easily.

- Please don’t go off with people you don’t know. If you have had a row with friends or feel wobbly/emotional through too much of anything – please speak to a member of staff – they are there to help you!

- Don’t Cross The Line – check out for information.

- Keep with friends or people you trust: unfortunately at any large gathering a small number of people attend to prey on others. You present a far less vulnerable target as a group than you would on your own.

- Avoid dark areas and take advantage of the extra lighting along main thoroughfares and in the car parks.

- Don’t challenge people looking through tents – report them to Festival staff or the Police. Campsite stewards are there for reporting suspicious behaviour, and offenders WILL be expelled from site.

- Report anyone you think is acting suspiciously or aggressively to stewards.

- We know you want to have a drink or two, but do consider that drinking to excess can leave you vulnerable, so as friends DO look out for each other. If you get split up from your friends and feel too lost to find them at your meeting point, and are wobbly through drink, please speak to a steward who can help you, rather than strangers.

Money Sense

- Don’t keep all your cash and valuables in the same place: spread them around in different pockets

- Wear your wristband at all times.

- Only take the credit cards you need.

- Make a note of your credit card numbers and leave it at home, plus the number to call if they are mislaid (phone numbers for lost credit cards are also held at Info Points)

- If you want to use a handbag, consider a cross body handbag with the main part of the bag worn in front of you, and with the flap against your body, and remember to zip it up!


Quite simply, don’t bring them. Sniffer dogs will be in attendance and if you are found with them, you are out. Depending on how much you have on you, you may also get a criminal conviction, and guess what – holidays to the USA may be off the cards as you stand a high chance of being denied entry to the country if you have a drugs conviction.

Zero Tolerance

If you are under the impression that the police will turn a blind eye to low level use then you are mistaken. There will be a zero tolerance policy with regards to possession of controlled substances. You have been warned – if you get caught bringing drugs to the festival or ignore the amnesty bins you can get yourself:

- arrested

- a criminal record

- ejected from the site

It isn’t rocket science. Don’t bring drugs onto the festival site, or be prepared for the consequences.

Don’t spoil your own fun – The police are not there to hinder your entry into the site or to ruin your festival experience. We want you to have a fantastic time, and we are there to make sure that every festival-goer has an equal opportunity to enjoy the experience in a safe and drug free environment.

The Young Ones

There are strict terms and conditions on the tickets issued to under 18s, so please make sure you and your children are aware of these. The policing of these terms will be robustly enforced by stewards and police.