Competitor tickets

Your competitor entry ticket will be available for collection from the Ticket Office at the Main Entrance (Visitor Centre), on the day of your competition only.  As in the past, only one admission ticket will be issued per day regardless of how many prelim/final test you may have.

Your group competitor tickets will only be given to one representative who will be responsible for your group, so that you have control over their distribution (we will ask for proof of identity).  Group Competitor tickets will be available for collection by your representative from the Ticket Office at the Main Entrance on the day of your competition.

If you would like to receive your tickets in advance, please contact Lois Jones at the Mold Office by e mail or 0845 4090 400 before Friday 14 July at the very latest.  Should you wish to take advantage of this option, we will require individual names of each group member, and we will not process applications unless we have received full details.  Please return any spare tickets on the day of the competition to the Ticket Office with the name of your group clearly written on the envelope.  

Please note: the number of tickets ordered must match the number of members competing on the stage - we will be monitoring this and may invoice you for any discrepancies in numbers.