(047) Lieder Solo / Art Song under 25

Entry Deadline
 1 May 2019

In any published key

‘Ich liebe dich’ (‘Tra bo dau’), WoO 123, Beethoven Welsh words by Dyfnallt Morgan

‘Waldesgesprach’ (Ymddiddan yn y coed’), Liederkreis, Op. 39, rhif 3, Schumann Welsh words by Pennar Davies

‘Feldeinsamkeit’ (‘Unigedd y Maes’), Op. 86 rhif 2, Brahms Welsh words by T H Parry-Williams

‘So willst du des Armen’, Op. 33 rhif. 5, Brahms Welsh words by T H Parry-Williams

Wie bist du, meine Königin’ (‘Fwyned wyt ti, f’anwylyd’), Op. 32, rhif 9, Brahms Welsh words by T H Parry-Williams

‘Après un rêve’, (‘Wedi breuddwyd’), Op. 7, rhif 1, Fauré Welsh words by Pennar Davies

‘Lied der Suleika’, (‘Cân Suleika’), Op. 25, rhif 9, Schumann Welsh words by Angharad Price

‘Sei mir gegrüsst!’, (‘Dy gyrarch wnaf’), Op. 20, rhif 1, Schubert Welsh words by Sian Meinir

‘Silent Noon’, (‘Tawel Nawn’), Vaughan Williams Welsh words by John Stoddart

‘Morgenstimmung’, (‘Gweddi Foreol’), Wolf Welsh words by Sian Meinir

  1. £75 In memory of Hywel and Edna Vaughan, Llangernyw from their family
  2. £50 Gwynn and Nanlys Roberts, Abergele
  3. £25 Gwynn and Nanlys Roberts, Abergele

Rehearse with Accompaniment

This year, we’re offering a brand new service for competitors, to help you prepare and rehearse for your competition. We are very grateful to Annette Bryn Parri for preparing piano accompaniment files for all our test pieces.

Annette Bryn Parri is one of Wales’ leading and most experienced accompanists and musicians. Read more about her here.

Click ‘play’ on the file below or download a copy to your computer to rehearse for your competition.

Please note that this resource is for rehearsal purposes only, and we hope it will help you when choosing suitable pieces for your voice type. The tempo of the pieces has been set to help rehearsals, and there can be different to performance speed. It is your responsibility to set your own tempo during the competition performance.

This is a pilot project and we are keen to receive your feedback. Please email gwyb@eisteddfod.org.uk with any comments.

Tra bo dau
Download MP3 (5.4 MB)
Ymddiddan yn y coed
Download MP3 (5.93 MB)
Unigedd y Maes
Download MP3 (8.83 MB)
Fwyned wyt ti, f'anwylyd
Download MP3 (8.64 MB)
Wedi breuddwyd
Download MP3 (6.74 MB)
Tawel Nawn
Download MP3 (9.18 MB)
Gweddi Foreuol
Download MP3 (7.61 MB)
Cân Suleika
Download MP3 (7.03 MB)
A Wyt am Dosturio
Download MP3 (4.1 MB)