(043) Baritone / Bass Solo for those aged 25 and over

Entry Deadline
 1 May 2019

Competitors must choose one song from Section A and one from Section B.

Section A:


‘Son io, mio Carlo’ / ‘Per me giunto e il di supremo’ (‘Clyw Carlo annwyl’ / ‘Dyma ddiwrnod ac awr fy nhynged’), Don Carlos, Verdi, Operatic Anthology Volume IV: Baritone [Schirmer GS32586] Welsh words by Dyfnallt Morgan

‘Che mai vegg’io! …/ ‘Infelice! E tuo credevi’, (‘Pa beth a welaf?’ / ‘Rhith yw'r cyfan’), Ernani, Verdi, Italian Opera Arias Bass [Schott ED21419] Welsh words by Glyndwr Richards

‘Madamina il catalogo è questo’ (‘Fwyn Fonesig! wele’n ysgrifenedig’), Don Giovanni, Mozart, Arias for Bass [Schirmer GS81101] Welsh words by Dyfnallt Morgan

‘O Isis und Osiris’ (‘O Isis ac Osiris’), Die Zauberflöte, Mozart Arias for Bass [Schirmer GS81101] Welsh words by John Stoddart



‘It must be so’ / ‘Pour forth no more’ (‘A hyn sy raid’ / ‘Na leisiwch mwy weddïau ffôl’), Jephtha, Handel [Novello NOV070128] Welsh words by Gerallt Jones

‘Mighty Lord and King all Glorious’ (‘Gadarn Iôr a Theyrn tragwyddol’), Christmas Oratorio, Bach, Oratorio Anthology Baritone/Bass [Hal Leonard 00747061] Welsh words by Tecwyn Ellis


Section B:

List of Welsh songs for the vocal categories for those aged 25 and over

‘Cân Osian’, W Bradwen Jones, Dwy gân i denor [Snell a’i feibion]

‘Mab y Môr’, W Bradwen Jones [Snell a’i feibion]

‘Mawredd Duw’, W Bradwen Jones [Snell a’i feibion]

‘Yr Ehedydd’, W Bradwen Jones [Snell a’i feibion]

‘Cathl i’r Eos’, J Morgan Lloyd [Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru 80046]

‘Min y Môr’, Osborne Roberts [Snell a’i feibion]

‘Angharad’, Robert Smith [Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru 80010]

‘Berwyn’, D Vaughan Thomas, Dwy gân i fariton, [Snell]

‘Llais yr Adar’, D Vaughan Thomas [Oriana]


David Ellis Memorial Prize – Blue Riband The adjudication panel will choose four competitors across the categories in competitions 40-43 to compete on the pavilion stage. (a) Solo (Section A) (b) Own choice of a solo by a Welsh composer excluding the Section B choices for those aged 25 and over in the List of Competitions

  1. £150 Trefor Lloyd Jones, Aberystwyth
  2. £100 In memory of Bob Elis (Baritone) from Aerwyn and Rhian Beattie, Pentrefoelas
  3. £50 Bleddyn and Maureen Hughes, Llanrwst

Rehearse with Accompaniment

This year, we’re offering a brand new service for competitors, to help you prepare and rehearse for your competition. We are very grateful to Annette Bryn Parri for preparing piano accompaniment files for all our test pieces.

Annette Bryn Parri is one of Wales’ leading and most experienced accompanists and musicians. Read more about her here.

Click ‘play’ on the file below or download a copy to your computer to rehearse for your competition.

Please note that this resource is for rehearsal purposes only, and we hope it will help you when choosing suitable pieces for your voice type. The tempo of the pieces has been set to help rehearsals, and there can be different to performance speed. It is your responsibility to set your own tempo during the competition performance.

This is a pilot project and we are keen to receive your feedback. Please email gwyb@eisteddfod.org.uk with any comments.

Clyw Carlo annwyl / Dyma ddiwrnod ac awr fy nhynged
Download MP3 (4.91 MB)
Pa beth a welaf? / Rhif yw'r cyfan
Download MP3 (6.88 MB)
Fwyn Fonesig! welen ysgrifenedig
Download MP3 (4.93 MB)
O Isis ac Oiris
Download MP3 (6.3 MB)
A hyn sy raid / Na leisiwch mwy weddiau ffôl
Download MP3 (8.05 MB)
Gadarn Iôr a Theyrn Tragwyddol
Download MP3 (4.75 MB)
Cân Osian
Download MP3 (6.59 MB)
Mab y Môr
Download MP3 (7.41 MB)
Mawredd Duw
Download MP3 (3.59 MB)
Yr Ehedydd
Download MP3 (6.39 MB)
Cathyl i'r Eos
Download MP3 (3.33 MB)
Min y Môr
Download MP3 (6.16 MB)
Download MP3 (8.57 MB)
Download MP3 (8.68 MB)
Llais yr Adar
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