2018 Y Lle Celf

At Y Lle Celf at the Cardiff National Eisteddfod, a large multi-media exhibition will be held.  Online registration opens in January.

Applications are welcomed across all genres, whether fine art or applied art (including the moving image and performance art).

Entrants are requested to submit work in the form of high quality Jpeg images accompanied by a short CV and a clear statement concerning the work. Because of the large number of entries most of the works will be selected from these images, therefore it is important to submit clear images of your work and to show items that are available for the exhibition.

Entrants who work through the medium of the moving image or performance are invited to present their work on DVD. After viewing the entries, the selectors may request further material. Also a small number of those short-listed for the exhibition may be visited by the selectors.

The selected works will be displayed in Y Lle Celf for the duration of the Eisteddfod. Where the work necessitates, it may happen other than in the building itself.

Please contact the Visual Arts Officer if the requirements of this form do not appear to be relevant to your art practice.

The Eisteddfod tradition of honouring excellence will be maintained in the following sections:

Fine Art

The Gold Medal for Fine Art

Prize: Gold Medal for Fine Art (replica) and £5,000 to be awarded at the discretion of the selectors.


Craft and Design

The Gold Medal for Craft and Design

Prize: Gold Medal for Craft and Design (replica) and £5,000 to be awarded at the discretion of the selectors.


Gold Medal for Architecture

Prize: Alwyn Lloyd Memorial Medal (replica) in conjunction with the Royal Society of Architects in Wales.


Young Artist Scholarship

Scholarship: £1,500

The scholarship will be awarded to the most promising candidate to enable him/her to pursue a course in a recognised school or college of art and design or attend master classes.

The scholarship is open to those under 25 years at the time of the Eisteddfod. Short-listed candidates will be expected to prepare a portfolio of work and submit a letter of application describing how the scholarship will be put to use.

The work submitted may be displayed in Y Lle Celf. The successful candidate may also be offered space at the following Eisteddfod's Lle Celf to display his/her work.



Karen MacKinnon, Marc Rees, Ingrid Murphy


Ivor Davies Award

Prize: £600

Awarded to the work in the Open Exhibition that conveys the spirit of activism in the struggle for language, culture and politics in Wales.


Tony Goble Award

Prize: £500 (in memory of Tony Goble).

Given for work, that conveys the poetic spirit of this Celtic nation, by an artist exhibiting in the Visual Arts Exhibition for the first time.


Josef Herman Award – The People’s Choice

Prize: £500 (Josef Herman Art Foundation)

To the most popular work, or collection of works, in the Visual Arts Exhibition - an opportunity for the public to vote.


Contemporary Art Society for Wales Purchase Prize

The Contemporary Art Society for Wales will award a purchase prize to a work in the Visual Arts  Exhibition.

The purchased work will enter the CASW collection for subsequent distribution to a public gallery in Wales.


General contributions towards Y Lle Celf

£100 (PYDEW [Garmon ab Ion Thomas] Mudiad Amddiffyn Celfyddydau Canton)