Below is a list of all composition competitions. Application form is available at the bottom of the page.

Please note, all composition pieces MUST be written in the Welsh language.

Full information of all competitions can be found in the competition syllabus here.


CystadleuaethAdranDyddiad Cau
016. Cerdd Dant ‘Gosodiad’ for two-parts or more Cerdd Dant1 April 2020
075. Musicians’ Medal
Music1 April 2020
076. Hymn tune Music1 April 2020
077. Solo with words by Dic Jones for any voice with piano accompaniment  Music1 April 2020
078. Composition for instrumental ensemble, with any combination of instruments Music1 April  2020
079. Arrangement for SATB choir of a hymn tune by a Welsh composerMusic1 April 2020
080. Collection of 3 songs (in two parts) themed on ‘Space’Music1 April 2020
081. Competition for pupils aged 16 and under 19Music1 April 2020
082. Tlws Sbardun competitionMusic1 April 2020
093. Compose a ‘Dawns Ffair’ (fair dance), named after a fair in Ceredigion Dance1 April 2020
112. Welsh language article  Science and Technology1 April 2020
113. An article on any aspect of nature suitable for publication in The NaturalistScience and Technology1 April 2020
114. Innovation PrizeScience and Technology1 April 2020
124. The ChairLearn Welsh1 April 2020
125. Prose TrophyLearn Welsh1 April 2020
126. Conversation between two people in a queueLearn Welsh1 April 2020
127. Fy hoff ran o Gymru (My Favourite part of Wales)Learn Welsh1 April 2020
128. Fy swydd gyntaf (My first job) Learn Welsh1 April 2020
129. Review of Welsh TV programme, book or playLearn Welsh1 April 2020
130. Video Blog: ‘Croeso i’r dosbarth’ (Welcome to the class)Learn Welsh1 April 2020
131. Preparing material for learners. Open to learners and fluent Welsh speakersLearn Welsh1 April 2020
143. A strict metre poem or a sequence of poems in strict metre (cynghanedd)Literature1 April 2020
144. A poem or sequence of poems not using the strict metre (cynghanedd)Literature1 April 2020
145. Englyn verseLiterature1 April 2020
146. Acerbic Englyn (Englyn crafog)Literature1 April 2020
147. Lyric (Telyneg)Literature1 April 2020
148. Cywydd (Welsh verse form) Literature1 April 2020
149. BalladLiterature1 April 2020
150. SonnetLiterature1 April 2020
151. Vers libreLiterature1 April 2020
152. Poem in strict metre or vers libre for competitors under 25Literature1 April 2020
153. Six epigrams, strict metre or vers libre, in coupletsLiterature1 April 2020
154. A poem suitable to be sungLiterature1 April 2020
155. Emyr Feddyg Mentoring ScholarshipLiterature1 April 2020
156. Daniel Owen Memorial Prize 2021Literature1 October 2020
157. Prose Medal 2020Literature1 December 2019
158. Tony Bianchi Short Story PrizeLiterature1 April 2020
159. EssayLiterature1 April 2020
160. Micro literature Literature1 April 2020
161. Feature article suitable for GolwgLiterature1 April 2020
162. Stand-up scriptLiterature1 April 2020
163. First part of a novel suitable for young adults over 14Literature1 April 2020
164. Competition for those aged under 25Literature1 April 2020
165. Imaginery diary  Literature1 April 2020
166. Satirical response to a recent eventLiterature1 April 2020
167. Competition for those who have lived in Patagonia for all their lives and who still live in ArgentinaLiterature1 April 2020
175. Drama MedalTheatre1 April 2020
176. Gwobr Goffa Meic Povey for those under the age of 25Theatre1 April 2020
177. Welsh translation of one of the followingTheatre1 April 2020
178. Two contrasting monologues Theatre1 April 2020
179. Short play in digital formTheatre1 April 2020
180. Gethin Thomas Memorial PrizeTheatre1 April 2020
181. Review of a Welsh theatrical productionTheatre1 April 2020
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