Ceredigion Proclamation Celebrates 2020 Eisteddfod Festival

18 June 2019

Ceredigion will celebrate the coming of the National Eisteddfod to the area next year with a special event in Cardigan on Saturday 29 June, as hundreds of local residents join the Gorsedd of the Bards at the Proclamation Ceremony.

Traditionally, this ceremony must be held at least a year and a day before the Eisteddfod begins, with the list of competitions published during the ceremony and then available to buy , as everyone starts preparing or the festival, which will be held on the outskirts of Tregaron from 1-8 August next year.

Chair of the Executive Committee, Elin Jones, will present the first copy of the list to the Archdruid, and this year sees a new Archdruid take his place during the ceremony as Myrddin succeeds Geraint Llifon in the work of leading the Gorsedd of the Bards.

Looking ahead to his period in charge, Myrddin said, “I’m looking forward to starting as Archdruid now, and it will be an honour to ‘officially’ start, as we proclaim that the Ceredigion National Eisteddfod is on its way within the year.

“It will be great to be able to reward and honour the great talents and benefactors of our culture.  The post is also a chance to strengthen, extend and defend all things Welsh, which includes resisting the narrow and insular tendencies coming from the direction of London, and creating new supporters for our culture in other countries.

“And it’s good to note that the Gorsedd is able to bring people from different cultures together. This year sees a number of Welsh learners honoured, and the important work they do within their local communities is vitally important to the future of the language.

“Other individuals honoured are keen promoters of Wales across the world, and we are grateful for their support.  They ensure that the voice of Wales is heard and that there is a place for us in the culture and future of other countries.”

And welcoming the new Archdruid is not the only difference at the Proclamation Festival in Cardigan, it’ll also be a chance to hear and enjoy a brand new song as two of the town’s most familiar faces perform as part of the ceremony.

Wyn and Richard Jones from Ail Symudiad have created the song to celebrate the arrival of the festival to the county next year, two years after they were honoured by the Gorsedd themselves at the Eisteddfod in Anglesey in 2017.

The song is a celebration of what Ceredigion has to offer, describing the beautiful landscape of the county and what to see across the area, from the beaches and dolphins to the mountains and the lush green fields.

A book about Richard’s songs will be published in time for the Eisteddfod Proclamation, and he discusses the honour of being invited to compose the special song for the ceremony, and says, “I was honoured earlier this year when I was invited to compose a song for the Ceredigion Eisteddfod in Tregaron, and of course, I happily accepted the invitation!”

And everyone will be able to share the honour during the ceremony as the song will be performed for the first time – within the Gorsedd Circle.

We will also be entertained by Ifan Tregaron, who has been hard at work writing a poem to welcome the Eisteddfod to the area.  This poem may be slightly different to the welcome poems of the past few years, but will show the warm – and humorous welcome – which awaits us in Ceredigion within the year.

The Ceredigion National Eisteddfod Proclamation Ceremony is held on the playing fields at Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi at 11:00 on Saturday 29 June.  The ceremony follows a colourful procession which sets off from the school fields at 10:15.  Primary school children will meet on the Quay at 09:45 for a singing and dancing session with Huw and Elin from the Cyw programmes on S4C.

The Ceredigion National Eisteddfod is held on the outskirts of Tregaron from 1-8 August 2020.  For more information, go to the Eisteddfod website, www.eisteddfod.wales.

Myrddin ap Dafydd is looking forward to officially starting as the Archdruid at the Proclamation Ceremony