Y Lle Celf is the visual arts gallery on the Eisteddfod Maes.  It is a celebration of the arts in Wales, combining the work of recognised and new artists.

Whilst encouraging appreciation, understanding and promoting the collection of artwork, in celebrating excellence, innovation and commitment, the exhibition at Y Lle Celf reflects what is taking place at a given time within the Visual Arts in Wales.

This section of the Eisteddfod website provides background information on Y Lle Celf, the exhibitions and the artists. It includes some historical information and articles relating to the exhibitions, the history of the competitions in the visual arts, and what used to be known as the arts and crafts section.

Y Lle Celf has its annual customers and there is a certain cachet to purchasing artwork at the Eisteddfod. It serves as a means to cultivate a following. Over the last ten years, Y Lle Celf and the Eisteddfod's visual arts section have contributed more than £200,000 to the Welsh economy.

Catalogues from recent years can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

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