Working Together

The Eisteddfod’s local committees are keen to work with companies and businesses across the catchment area to promote the festival and to reach the target of the local fund.   

The committees raise funds by organising events and activities and local businesses are encouraged to participate.

We ask for your help and support in promoting the Eisteddfod to your customer base through:

  • ensuring that you have an up-to-date stock of our information brochures in a prominent position for your visitors to see and enjoy
  • telling your clients about the Eisteddfod’s visit and encouraging them to attend
  • considering other ways of attracting your customers to spend more time locally, visiting the Eisteddfod as part of their itinery

Here are a few of the different ways in which local businesses can support the Eisteddfod: 

  • Direct financial contribution to your local appeal committee 
  • Cash prize for one of the Eisteddfod competitions: by offering a prize, the donation will be noted in the Programme (by the respective competition and in the donors list). In addition the details of the donor will be announced from the stage during the running of the competition when the TV cameras will be watching and the radio listening!   Contact the Eisteddfod office for more details
  • Organise and support fundraising events for the Eisteddfod.  Many companies and businesses organise events either amongst staff or the public to raise money for the Local Fund.  It’s an excellent way of creating links with your local community.

We are grateful for all support.