Providing Services

We hire and purchase a wide range of services and items locally in the period up to the Eisteddfod.


We work closely with Business Wales and the local authorities within each catchment area to identify and contact local companies and businesses who can offer the goods and services the Eisteddfod will require over the year.  When work or contracts become available, we will invite local businesses who have register an interest to quote for the work as well as our suppliers in other parts of the country, and opportunities are advertised on our website and through the council.

Our procurement opportunities are divided across the following categories, cultural elements, facilities management (general), facilities management (office), security, services, marketing and communications, technology, transport & logistics, venue & infrastructure, retail concessions.

We usually hold a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event locally in the autumn prior to the Eisteddfod to outline in detail the services we will require to buy in for the festival.  If you wish to attend this event in your area, email

Many of our tenders, e.g. printing work, will appear in the new section of our website regularly.

The catering contracts are awarded annually and details will appear on the Eisteddfod website during November.  Contact us if you’d like to receive this information via email.