What is the Eisteddfod?

The Eisteddfod is an annual unique festival here in Wales.

  • A community project across a set catchment area which lasts for two years
  • A cultural festival, held through the medium of Welsh, which  provides a national stage for music, dance, the visual arts, original performances, family activities and all kinds of competitions, in a welcoming, fun and unique environment.
  • A festival which lasts for 8 full days at the beginning of August.  The location changes every year, alternating between north and south Wales .
  • A colourful Maes with a pavilion as the focus for the competing and the ceremonies, with hundreds of activities happening across the field.
  • Over 250 tradestands.

The Welsh language is an integral and important part of the Eisteddfod, but the festival is much more than a Welsh language event.  You don’t need to speak Welsh to get involved and make the most of the Eisteddfod’s visit, but why not find out more about how to offer a Welsh and bilingual service, and make the most of the help available to get you started?

The Eisteddfod works in partnership with the Welsh Local Government Association to plan the festival’s locations over a number of years, and we work closely with the local authorities in the catchment area for at least two years before the Eisteddfod is held. 

We announce the decision to visit an area two years in advance, and the committees and fundraising structures are put in place and the local work begins.  The Eisteddfod costs over £4m per year with a target of around £325,000 for the local fund.

Make sure you’re part of the Eisteddfod’s visit to your area – it’s a great opportunity for the business sector – don’t miss out!