Special Conditions

1. Who is eligible to apply

The exhibition is open to any person born in Wales, or with one of their parents born in Wales or any person resident or working  in Wales for the three years prior to 4 August 2017 or any person able to speak or write the Welsh language.

2. Entry fees and forms

The entry fee is £20.00 (£10.00 Young Artist Scholarship). Entrants are invited to six Jpeg images that show one work or a cross-section of works. Each entry is limited to a maximum of six images. Entrants who work through the medium of the moving image or performance are invited to present up to six works. Links to video hosting sites can also be accepted. To be eligible for selection, every entrant must include some work completed since August 2014. After viewing the entries, the selectors may request further material.

3. Statement

A full statement concerning the submitted work must also be enclosed - applications submitted without an accompanying statement will not be considered.

4. The Language Rule

Any original words incorporated in the artwork (including sound and video) must be in Welsh. However, words in other languages may be included if they form part of an object depicted or incorporated, or if they are quotations, provided they do not form a substantial part of the whole composition.

5. Number of entries

An entrant may submit any number of entries for the Open Exhibition.

6. Insurance

Every care will be taken of work for which a receipt will be given and the Eisteddfod will insure original work from the point of collection to the point of return to the owners.

7. General

a) Every competition and exhibition in this section is subject to the General Rules and Conditions and to these Special Conditions. The General Rules and Conditions are listed in the list of competitions booklet, available from the Eisteddfod Office.

b) All work submitted must be the bona fide work of the entrant and must not have been exhibited in any previous National Eisteddfod.

8. Sales

If a work is for sale, state the price on the entry form. 40% commission (including V.A.T.) will be charged for any work sold.

9. Copyright

The copyright of each work remains with the entrant but the Organisers reserve the right to reproduce any of the works in any handbook or website relating to the Eisteddfod and to give permission for images of the exhibition to be published. Any work may be used for the publicity purposes of the Eisteddfod.

10. Receipt

An official receipt will be given. This receipt should be kept until the work is returned.

11.  Decision of selectors

The decision of the selectors will be final.

12. Young Artist Scholarship

The money offered as the Young Artist Scholarship is to be used to further the career of the winner. The successful candidate will be expected to prove to the Eisteddfod that the money will be used in accordance to this rule.

14. Closing date

For receipt of Jpeg images or links to hosting sites, application form and fee: 1 March 2017.