The National Eisteddfod’s catering concessions are awarded on a tender basis but the applications for the 2017 Anglesey Eisteddfod concessions are now closed.
Next year’s Eisteddfod will take place in Cardiff and all the documentation will be placed on our website in early November with a closing date for offers in December 2017.
Please email to register your interest. We will add your e-mail address to our database and will send you a link once the documentation is online.
In the meantime, here is a list of all the caterers that will be at this year's Anglesey Eisteddfod:

The Food Village: Sponsored by Castell Howell

There’s an array of food to tantalise all kinds of taste buds, from the Far East to home cooked Welsh food, from a cone of chips to a top quality silver service meal, there’s something for everyone and for all budgets. Take a look at our tasty caterers to see what takes your fancy this year:

Artisan wood fired Pizza: Amber's Wood Fired Kitchen     

Indian Food: Express Indian Cuisine

Mexican Street Food: El Salsa

Crepes: The Welsh Creperie Co

Fish and Chips: Lighthouse Fish & Chips

Vegetarian and Vegan: No Bones Jones

Paella and Tapas: Spanish Buffet :

Welsh Beef: Arlwyo Nant Catering

Welsh Lamb: Arlwyo Nant Catering

Greek Cypriot BBQ: Meat & Greek

Roast Pork: Hogi Hogi Hogi

Baguettes, Salad Bowls and Jacket Potatoes: Crasdy’r Gader:’r Gader

Syched and the Maes Bar: Y Brodyr Stedman


Around the Maes

Chocolate Fountain: Y Forwyn Siocled

Ice Cream: Môn ar Lwy  

Milkshakes: Calon Wen

Waffles: A Lot of Waffle

Sweets: Y Brodyr Stedman

Tango Slush: Y Brodyr Stedman

Chocolate Brownies: Chock Shop  

Coffee: Streamline Leisure

Platiad Restaurant: Tapas, carvery, hot food, cakes and posh pizza’s…..there’s a feast awaiting for you at the Platiad restaurant. Take a seat, a glass of wine and relax in the wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant.

Maes B

Pizzas, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Breakfasts, Coffee:
The Welsh Creperie Co: Open Saturday 5th - Sunday 13th August