This page includes information for our disabled visitors

It is the Eisteddfod's policy to be an inclusive event and everyone is welcome. We make every effort to accommodate a diverse range of needs and to make the event as accessible as possible. It should be noted that the Eisteddfod is an open-air field event and as a result the terrain in some parts of the site may be difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. If you need further information about access arrangements for disabled people please let us know.

Getting to the Eisteddfod

Disabled parking is available at all our car parks.  Please make sure your blue badge is visible when entering the car park so that the stewards can guide you to the disabled spaces.  

Renting a scooter or wheelchair

We work in partnership with Living Life (Byw Bywyd) to enable visitors with mobility issues to enjoy their visit to the festival.  The Byw Bywyd stand is always as close as possible to the main entrance to the Maes, and you can hire wheelchairs and scooters for your visit here.  We do advise visitors who require this service to book ahead and this can be done by ringing 01286 830 101.


The windows are low in the Visitors' Centre, and are suitable for wheelchair users. There is a ‘loop’ system on the first two windows on the left hand side as well. You can also buy your tickets online – 

If you require the help of a personal assistant, we offer tickets free of charge. Before issuing Personal Assistant tickets, we require one of the following forms of copied evidence:

– Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate)

– Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate)

– Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)

– Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

– Credability’s Access Card

Eisteddfod buildings

Within the Pavilion, a designated area is provided for wheelchairs, with nearby seats for carers. You are advised to book in advance in order to ensure your place, and this can be done by emailing or by ringing the ticketline - 0845 4090 800. The ‘Infra – red’ system enables people with hearing aids to listen to what’s on the stage. There is also a loop system in the Pabell Lên (Literary Pavilion).

Guide dogs are permitted in the Pavilion itself, but do please inform the stewards on the doors, so they can guide you to a suitable seat with room for your dog beside you.

You can also use the Pavilion’s simultaneous translation service as an audio-description service.  The translation equipment is available free of charge from the Translation Centre close to the Pavilion, or do ask a member of staff or a volunteer in the Visitors’ Centre for advice.


In every block of toilets there is one which especially adapted for people with disabilities, with a ramp for ease of access. The main toilet block next to the main entrance also has a high dependency toilet. There is a lock on this toilet which is operated with a ‘RADAR’ key. Anyone needing to use this facility without the required key should go to the information desk in the Visitors’ Centre or to the Eisteddfod office at the back of the Pavilion.

Accessibility around the Maes

There should be a ramp for every building on the field. If you have difficulty in accessing any of the buildings, let the Eisteddfod office know at once. 


There may be use of strobe lighting in some buildings and on the stages during some performances / shows.

Additional support

Eisteddfod stewards are situated in each of our buildings and are there to help visitors with any queries or needs you may have.  They are instantly recognisable in the hi-vis jackets and they will be able to help or advise you on all issues.

We also have a designated team of indiviuals who are here to help visitors dotted around the Maes, and they will guide you and advise you if you have any queries during your visit.  These individuals are easy to spot in their colourful ‘Here to Help’ shirts.

We will take every reasonable step to make everyone’s visit to the Maes a pleasurable one. However, if you experience any difficulties while on the field, go to the Eisteddfod Office, which is behind the Pavilion, or to the Visitors’ Centre. 

Alwyn Roberts, the Eisteddfod's Deputy Organsier is responsible for access on the Maes, and Alwyn can be contacted in the office at the back of the Pavilion during the week.  If he is not available, a member of staff will be able to reach him on the radio.  Your concrns will be dealt with within two hours and Alwyn or another member of the Eisteddfod management team will contact you within that time.  If you'd like to contact Alwyn beforehand, email him here

The Eisteddfod Office telephone number is 0845 4090 900 or e-mail 

More information here.