How to find AmGen

Follow our five 'Steddfod Suggestions to make the most of what's on offfer!

The best place to start is the Eisteddfod website

Think of the site as the Visitors’ Centre.  This is where every Eisteddfod begins!  Click on the link to the buildings on the main page and go and explore the Maes.  Have a look at the programme for the week or the day, and choose whatever takes your fancy!  Pages will be already loaded by sessions and videos won’t go live until the allocated time.

Want to watch on a big screen?

Why not watch everything on our YouTube channel? Follow the instructions on how to receive YouTube on your smart TV, and search for the Eisteddfod channel. AmGen content will be available to watch here, and divided into handy playlists so you can search by day or building, all on the big screen!  Remember to subscribe to the channel - it's free.

Some of our content will be streamed live on facebook

Look for the facebook logo next to our timetabled activities to see what's going on during the week, or follow our social media messages to find out what's next and when. Remember to share any content that interests you so we can reach the widest possible audience!

Encore and the Pavilion

If you're looking for alternative and classical music, or competing in the Pavilion, you'll want to follow our content on BBC Cymru Fyw, as this is the best place to watch Encore and competitions from the Pavilion. So there’ll be all kinds of musical sessions available all day every day on the BBC Cymru Fyw website.


Don’t forget that we’ll be uploading everything to the AM platform every day,so you can catch up with everything on our channel during the week and afterwards.

Finding what you want on AmGen is no different from exploring the Maes. It may take a bit of getting used to, and to know where to find everything in the first place.  But it’s no different to arriving on the Maes, and trying to work out where to find the Theatre or the Societies’ Pavilions – but you’ll soon get the hang of it!