Epona Virtual Exhibition

Y Lle Celf is being inventive in these difficult times and is looking at innovative ways of celebrating the visual arts


This exciting virtual exhibition entitled Epona will ensure that the visual arts element is available for people’s appreciation at the Eisteddfod AmGen (amgen being the Welsh word for ‘alternative’).

In June 1940 Epynt (grid referance SN961464) was commandeered by the War Office. The 400 people who had been farming the mountain and the seven valleys were dispersed and the area was turned into an army firing range. To this day, in the main the hills continue to be under Ministry of Defence control and are closed to the public.

The name Epynt is derived from the Brythonic word epo-s ‘horse(s) – that also gives us the Celtic goddess’ name Epona – and hynt meaning ‘where horses roam’.

As well as being the protector of horses, Epona was the goddess of fertility and is associated with Rhiannon in the Mabinogi. In turn Rhiannon (the Great Queen) was considered to be the goddess of rebirth, wisdom, transformation and artistic inspiration.

Bearing in mind the Epynt clearances of 80 years ago, artists were invited to imagine what sort of world you would like to see after C-19 has passed.

Epona includes work by 31 artists who have all exhibited in Y Lle Celf at the National Eisteddfod of Wales before. Amongst them 16 have won either the Gold Medal for Fine Art or the Gold Medal for Craft and Design.

Though restricted to two dimensional or moving images, it is astonishing how the artists have responded to the brief. The medium used varies from drawing, painting and collage to photography, video and animation.

Several have imagined Epynt in the past, some the present, whilst others long for a better world post Covid-19.

Epona Artists

Manon Awst                              https://manonawst.com

Billy Bagilhole                           https://www.billybagilhole.co.uk

Iwan Bala                                 https://www.iwanbala.com

Hannah Cash   

Morag Colquhoun                      https://www.moragcolquhoun.com

Lowri Davies                             https://www.lowridavies.com

Peter Davies    

Tim Davies                               http://www.timdaviesartist.com

Nerea Martinez de Lecea           https://icantnot.com

Marian Delyth   

Carwyn Evans                           https://carwynevans.com

Peter Finnemore                        https://peterfinnemore.com

Sean Harris                               https://echo-maker.com

Catrin Howell                            http://www.catrinhowell.com

Aled Rhys Hughes                     http://www.aledrhyshughes.co.uk

Angharad Pearce Jones             http://www.angharadpearcejones.com

Julia Griffiths Jones                   https://www.juliagriffithsjones.co.uk

Paul R Jones                            https://www.axisweb.org/p/pauljones

Anna Lewis                               https://www.annalewisdesign.com

Elfyn Lewis                               https://www.elfynlewis.com

Gwenllian Llwyd           

Efa Lois                                    https://efalois.cymru

Christine Mills  

Eleri Mills                                  https://www.elerimills.co.uk

Luned Rhys Parri          

Anthony Shapland                     http://www.anthonyshapland.com

André Stitt                                http://www.andrestitt.com

Jennifer Taylor                          https://www.jennifertaylor.co

Daniel Trivedy                           http://www.danieltrivedy.com

Sean Vicary                              https://www.seanvicary.com

Emrys Williams                         http://www.emryswilliams.co.uk