What's the story....?

6 August 2018

Can you grab an audience, and take them on a rollercoaster journey, tackling every emotion on your way in a matter of minutes? 

If so, why not enter the Cardiff Eisteddfod’s Storytelling competition?

The Welsh are famous for our ability to tell a good story, and this new-look competition held in the informal and welcoming surroundings of Tŷ Gwerin is the perfect chance to prove it!

Our folk heritage is based on the Storyteller’s talents over the centuries, and this kept our literature alive, with stories passed from generation to generation, developing and evolving over the years as the Welsh ‘Cyfarwydd’ (storyteller) travelled across Wales looking for an audience to entertain.

The competition is held at 12:40 on Tuesday 7 August, and competitors must register in Tŷ Gwerin at least an hour beforehand.  The story should be based on a legend or traditional story from Wales, and can either be a modern tale or an old favourite.

The Cardiff National Eisteddfod is held from 3-11 August.  For more information go online, www.eisteddfod.wales.