Two weeks to go until the Eisteddfod's composition competitions

16 March 2018

There’s only two weeks to go if you’re still thinking about competing in one of the National Eisteddfod’s composition competitions this year.

The closing date is 1 April, and all entries must reach the Organiser’s office by this date.  With a wide range of competitions, there’s something for everyone in this year’s List of Competitions.

Entries must be sent through the post for the composition competitions, and entrants also need to compete using a pseudonym, so that their real identity remains a secret from organisers and adjudicators.

Once the adjudicators have considered and discussed the work and decided on a winner, the Organiser may open the sealed envelope sent with the wining work to find out the identity of the winner.  All other envelopes remain sealed, and the Eisteddfod archive in Aberystwyth is full of generations of sealed envelopes.  Who knows what identities lie hidden in sealed envelopes in the dark corridors of the National Library?

Discussing the 2018 competitions, Eisteddfod Organiser, Elen Elis said, “There are all sorts of competitions in this year’s List of Competitions– plenty of choice – and I’m certain that the Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau will be worth reading at the end of Eisteddfod week, given some of the competition titles.  We’ve already received a number of entries, and with a fortnight left to compete, we are encouraging everyone to complete their work and send it to the office in Mold.

“Thank you to everyone, locally and nationally, who have been part of putting the List of Competitions together, and remember, there are still a number of prizes available to donate, so there’s still a chance for you to support the Local Fund.

“There’s one other date to remember as well, 1 May, the closing date for all our stage competitions.  You can register online for these competitions,, where you’ll find all the details and instructions.  I hope we’ll be inundated with competitors to ensure the success of the Cardiff National Eisteddfod, especially as the Pavilion will be based in the iconic Wales Millennium Centre.

The Eisteddfod is held in Cardiff Bay from 3-11 August.  Tickets available from 3 April.  More details released soon.  For more information on the Eisteddfod go online or ring 0845 4090 900.