Two fundraising campaigns launched for 2018 Eisteddfod

18 October 2017

Robin Gwyndaf from Cardiff has launched two campaigns to support the Eisteddfod, held in Cardiff from 3-11 August next year.

The campaigns are an opportunity for people from all over Wales and beyond to support the work of the local finance committee as they organise fundraising events and activities to reach the Local Fund target.

The ‘Deg Hoff Englyn’ (Ten Favourite Englynion) campaign will appeal to literature lovers, and is a chance to share the nation’s favourite englynion with Robin, to be published in time for Eisteddfod week next year.  Robin says, “Many people have a favourite englyn.  In fact, some of us have a number of englynion which are close to our hearts and which we’d love to share with others.

“This is the whole ethos of the campaign, and I look forward to receiving and sharing many englynion with everyone, whilst raising money for an important cause, the National Eisteddfod here in Cardiff.

“Please send up to ten of your favourite englynion to me by 1 April 2018, together with a donation of £25 towards the Eisteddfod.  I’ve alredy received a number of contributions, and I hope to receive many more, not only to raise money for the festival but also to find out what are the favourite englynion of the people of Wales as we appraoch the end of the century’s second decade.  You can choose your favourite englynion as an individual, group or society.  The important aim is to collect as many englynion and funds as possible.

Robin Gwyndaf has also produced a special card celebrating the Cardiff of yesteryear and today.  The aim again is to rasie money for the Eisteddfod, by selling these cards in Cardiff and across Wales for £2.50 each.

He added, “Cardiff develkoped as a city quite recently, and Graham Morgan’s 1955 painting, based on an engraving of Cardiff Castle and the surrounding area c.1740, shows the huge developments since then.

“Pictures like these are rare, and I hope many Cardiff people, and those connected to the city or the Eisteddfod will want to purchase the card to have a copy of this beautiful painting.”

The card will be available until 1 May, with money raised going towards the Eisteddfod.  For more information about both campaigns, contact Robin Gwyndaf by emailing

For more information on supporting the Eisteddfod’s fundraising and community work in Cardiff, contact Alwyn Roberts, Head of Community Delivery on 0845 4090 400 or email  More information available online,

Caerdydd Ddoe a Heddiw; Graham Morgan