Translated Sessions

We offer a number of sessions simultaneously translated into English during the week.

Translation headsets are available free of charge from the Translation Centre close to the Pavilion

Translated sessions



Saturday 5 August10:00Pafiliwn Simultaneous translation all day
Saturday evening 5 August20:00PafiliwnGwyn Hughes Jones evening concert
Sunday 6 August 10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Sunday evening 6 August20:00PafiliwnCymanfa Ganu (Congregational Singing)
Monday 7 August10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Monday 7 August11:30Societies 2A Stronger Voice for Wales: Huw Irranca-Davies AM (National Assembly for Wales)
Monday 7 August12:30Literary PavilionMy uncle, Hedd Wyn: Gerald Williams & Mererid Hopwood (University of Wales and the University of Wales Trinity St David's)
Monday 7 August14:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Back to the future: the new past of the fuel cell: Iwan Morus
Monday 7 August15:00SinemaesShowing and Discussion: Ffermio – Celebrating 20
Monday 7 August15:30Societies 2Diverting the water/wind to our own mill: local solutions to meet local energy needs - Institute of Welsh Affairs and Bangor University’s Sustainability Lab
Tuesday 8 August09:45PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Tuesday 8 August11:00Societies 1The Hedd Wyn ‘Cult’: How Hedd Wyn became more than a poet of flesh and blood: Aneirin Karadog (National Assembly for Wales)
Tuesday 8 August12:00Societies 1Frank Lloyd Wright - Beyond the USA: Manon Awst, Gwyn Lloyd Jones, Geraint Roberts (Y Lle Celf)
Tuesday 8 August12:30Societies 2The Bonesetters of Anglesey: John Richard Williams (Cymdeithas Bob Owen)
Tuesday 8 August13:15Literary PavilionExpanding the Picture: RS Thomas, ME Eldridge and Modern Art: Jason Walford Davies (Y Lle Celf)
Tuesday 8 August14:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Low-carbon Energy Forum: a scientific discussion: Professor Gareth Wyn Jones and others
Tuesday 8 August14:30Societies 22017 General Election - Professor Roger Scully (Cardiff University)
Tuesday 8 August14:30SinemaesCelebrating Rownd a Rownd
Tuesday 8 August15:30Societies 2Tribute to Rhodri Morgan: Father of the Nation - Eluned Morgan and others (Cymdeithas Cledwyn)
Wednesday 9 August10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Wednesday 9 August13:00Societies 1Bryn Celli Ddu Archaeology project: Dr Ffion Reynolds (Y Lle Hanes)

Wednesday 9 August

13:00Maes DNature Sesssion: Bethan Wyn Jones & Twm Elias
Wednesday 9 August13:15Literary PavilionFootballers of the Great War: Owain Tudur Jones, Geraint Vaughan Jones & Gary Pritchard
Wednesday 9 August14:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Young scientists from the Eisteddfod area
Wednesday 9 August16:30Societies 2Let's discuss mental health: Citizens' Advice
Wednesday 9 August17:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Bilingualism and higher cognitive skills: are they an advantage?: Professor Enlli Thomas
Wednesday evening 9 August18:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all evening
Thursday 10 August10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Thursday 10 August11:00Societies 1Wales, The Welsh and Brexit : Professor Richard Wyn Jones (National Assembly for Wales)
Thursday 10 August14:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Old buildings and climate change. Nothing new under the sun: Keith Jones
Thursday 10 August15:00Societies 1Discovering Anglesey houses: 80 years of research by RCAHMW : Eurwyn Wiliam
Thursday 10 August17:00Societies 1The need to strengthen independent and national media and news in Wales: Lowri Jones, Pol Wong, Gruffydd Meredith & Wyn Williams
Friday 11 August10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day
Friday 11 August11:30Societies 2Two Decades of Devolution in Wales: National Assembly for Wales, BBC Cymru Wales & Cardiff University
Friday 11 August12:00Societies1Painting in Stitches – Edrica Huws’ textiles: Catherine Huws Nagashima & Daniel Huw (Y Lle Celf)
Friday 11 August14:00Societies 1 (Science Lecture)Interpreting the natural environment of Anglesey: Nerys Lloyd Mullally
Friday 11 August15:00 Societies 1Recreating a royal hall on the basis of Llys Rhosyr: Dafydd Wiliam (Y Lle Hanes)
Friday evening 11 August18:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all evening
Saturday 12 August10:00PafiliwnSimultaneous translation all day