Booking Societies Slot

In the Societies pavilions you can find lectures, discussions and meetings of all kinds.

You can accommodate up to 120 people in Societies 1 and Societies 2.

You'll be able to book your session at 10am on Thursday 10 January. First come, first served!

We are charging a £50 fee for each session, which will be paid as you book your slot.  This fee covers the space hire and technical equipment which is available to everyone.  All slots are 45 minutes long and the rest of the hour should be spent preparing / clearing to ensure that the room is ready for the next session on time. You must pay for your slot whilst booking.

You can only book two slots at the moment, but if we still have slots available from 1 April, you can then apply for additional slots. 

Some slots have already been allocated to activities linked to the Eisteddfod itself.

After you have booked, the Eisteddfod office will get in touch to get full details of your session and how you would like your booking to appear in the Eisteddfod programme. We will need full details of your session by 1 April.

Please note that by booking your session, you accept the terms and conditions below: 

  • We accept that the Eisteddfod can record or allow our contribution to be recorded and used at any time during the week or afterwards
  • We accept that the language of the Eisteddfod is Welsh and we will respect this during our session
  • We accept that our session is 45 minutes long, and that the other 15 minutes is for preparing or clearing the room for the following session.

All the Societies locations are supported by the National Assembly for Wales.