Lectures, discussions and meetings of all kinds.

Societies will be located in the iconic Senedd building in Cardiff Bay. All activities are free of charge. The Senedd operates a security system, and visitors should allow extra time for this.

The Societies Pavilions’ schedules are among the most interesting and varied on the Maes, and although the Eisteddfod is responsible for the pavilions, any organisation or society can apply to hold a meeting here during the week.  This is the home of discussion and debate at the Eisteddfod and is one of the Maes’ secrets.

Some societies apply to hold a meeting here because the Eisteddfod is held locally, and others come to us every year as it’s a chance for them to attract a national audience.  The schedule is full of lectures, discussion sessions, and reunions, everything under the sun. 

The pavilions are supported by the National Assembly for Wales.

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Format: 2018-08-22
5 Sunday
Title Time Link
Cancer Treatments of the Future 01.00pm View
Nawr yr Arwr 04.00pm View
6 Monday
Title Time Link
European Languages in the Digital Age 10.00am View
Launch of Welsh in the Workplace 11.30am View
A conversation with Huw Jones 01.00pm View
Climate Change: the facts and the effects 02.30pm View
Wales and the Sea: 10,000 years of history 04.00pm View
Farmers Union Wales 05.30pm View
7 Tuesday
Title Time Link
Gorsedd Board 10.00am View
Ready for the vote? 11.30am View
Do-good design - promoting design in Wales 01.00pm View
Welsh Traditional Medicines Panel 02.30pm View
A Parliament that works for Wales 04.00pm View
Two brothers and their upbringing in Cardiff 05.30pm View
8 Wednesday
Title Time Link
Annual Lecture 10.00am View
Land of Spooks? 11.30am View
Culture or Industry? Art in Wales - The Way Forward 01.00pm View
Science Education through the medium of Welsh: planning for the future 02.30pm View
1000 lives and mental health 04.00pm View
Morgan Watkin: 1878 - 1970 & Lenin & Lloyd George 05.30pm View
9 Thursday
Title Time Link
Gorsedd of Bards 10.00am View
Austerity - the debate 11.30am View
The relationship between Welsh and English place names in Cardiff 01.00pm View
Marine scientists: Wales and the world needs you more than ever! 02.30pm View
Raising a Voice 04.00pm View
Looking back and looking ahead: the Urdd Camp in Llangrannog (Urdd Gobaith Cymru) 05.30pm View
10 Friday
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Cymdeithas Cledwyn Society: Eluned Morgan AM and others 10.00am View
The local need for housing and Welsh in the planning system 11.30am View
Women in Marble: Cardiff. Who else? 01.00pm View
Historic Climate 02.30pm View
Tregaron Secondary School Reunion 04.00pm View
Glamorgan's Blood: Discovering the History of the South Wales Coalfields 05.30pm View
11 Saturday
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The new 'Bywgraffiadur' 11.30am View
YesCymru 01.00pm View
From Trefechan Bridge and the Stonewall Inn: is the battle over? 02.30pm View