Shw'mae Caerdydd: Learn Welsh

Shwmae Caerdydd is the centre for learning Welsh on the Maes and the place to come for information about the language.

Shw’mae Caerdydd is located in the Pierhead Building.  All activities are free of charge. See timetable below.

Shwmae Caerdydd – Dysgu Cymraeg / Learn Welsh

The Eisteddfod is a wonderful place if you’re learning Welsh or considering learning the language. Experience the culture of Wales and the language in a unique atmosphere for a whole week, and it’s a chance to practise your Welsh all day every day! There’s a warm welcome for learners at every activity on the Maes.

This is where learners from all parts of Wales- and beyond – come together to socialise, compete, share experiences, enjoy the company of Welsh speakers, and most of all, to have fun. It’s the perfect place for people to use their Welsh over a cuppa, and there’s lots going on throughout the week. In the Pod Theatre talks are held on a variety of subjects – archaeology, nature, history, sports. Yoga, karate and dance sessions. Also story sessions for children and live music – to name but a few! There is something there for everyone – of all ages, learners and fluent Welsh speakers.

There are plenty of competitions for Welsh learners at the Eisteddfod, and competing can be lots of fun. Why not give it a go next year?

The Learners’ section’s main competition is the Welsh Learner of the Year competition, and this is one of the Eisteddfod’s major awards.

Information about all the competitions for learners can be found in our booklet ‘Competitions for Welsh learners’.

Organised by the Eisteddfod.
Sponsored by Boom Cymru.
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Format: 2018-08-19
4 Saturday
Title Time Link
Children’s hat-making workshop 11.00am View
Clocs Ffit 12.00pm View
WJEC certificates presentation and the Elvet and Mair Elvet Thomas Trophy 01.00pm View
The Big Quiz 02.00pm View
How can Welsh learners contribute to Welsh life – Paralel Cymru 03.10pm View
Hyll 04.30pm View
5 Sunday
Title Time Link
Story Time 11.00am View
Solar System e-book launch 12.00pm View
Learning Welsh in Cardiff 01.00pm View
Papur Wal 02.00pm View
Duolingo’s 1 million Welsh learners 03.10pm View
Iwan Huws 04.30pm View
6 Monday
Title Time Link
Art workshop: Fairies 11.00am View
Welsh Welsh Language Journey 12.00pm View
History of the Welsh language in Cardiff with Dylan Foster Evans 01.00pm View
Meilir Gwynedd 02.00pm View
Second language learning techniques– Dr Jonathan Morris 03.10pm View
Watching the Crowning Ceremony 04.30pm View
Geraint Lövgreen 05.30pm View
7 Tuesday
Title Time Link
Chwarae - With Elgan Rhys Matt Gough and R.Seiliog 11.00am View
Presenting composition awards 12.00pm View
Elizabeth Jane Corbett - Finding my way home 01.00pm View
Alys Williams 02.00pm View
A taste of Welsh dialects – Dr Iwan Rees 03.10pm View
Gareth Bonello 04.30pm View
8 Wednesday
Title Time Link
Story Time 11.00am View
Poptastic dance workshop 12.00pm View
Getting to know the Welsh Learner of the Year finalists 01.00pm View
Bitw 02.00pm View
My Hero: Bev Lennon, Emma Chappell, Matt Spry and Ashok Ahir 03.10pm View
Promoting self confidence Stifyn Pari 04.30pm View
Welsh Learner of the Year Ceremony 06.30pm View
9 Thursday
Title Time Link
Solo Recitation over 16 (126) 09.30am View
Solo (128) 09.40am View
Singing Group (127) 10.30am View
Solo Recitation over 16 (129) 11.10am View
Leaners' choir (125) 11.20am View
sketch (130) 12.20pm View
Candelas 02.00pm View
Welcoming the Welsh Learner of the Year 03.10pm View
Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog 04.30pm View
10 Friday
Title Time Link
Story Time: Stori Fawr Peppa Fach 11.00am View
Clocsffit 12.00pm View
Remember to say thankyou for the Welsh language 01.00pm View
Omaloma 02.00pm View
Launch: DIY Welsh - D.Geraint Lewis 03.10pm View
Watch the Chairing of the bard Ceremony 04.30pm View
Ukelele Orchestra 05.30pm View
11 Saturday
Title Time Link
Poptastic dance workshop 11.00am View
Story Time: Peppa a'i hesgidiau aur 11.00am View