Societies at the 2018 Eisteddfod

28 November 2017

The Societies ‘pavilions’ will be located in appropriate rooms in one of the Bay’s permanent buildings next year, and technical facilities will be available for everyone within these rooms.

We are contacting everyone who usually hires a space at one of the Societies Pavilions to advise you that there will be some changes to the arrangements in 2018.

We will be introducing an online registration form for these rooms, so people will be able to book a slot through the Eisteddfod website,  Sessions will also be available during the opening weekend and on the final Saturday.  We also hope to be able to offer an additional space so that there will be three Societies rooms in Cardiff.

We will be operating a ‘first come first serve’ system and will be publishing the schedule regularly on our website so that societies and organisations can see which sessions are available to book.  This is similar to the system for stallholders at the Eisteddfod.

The system will open early in the new year, and we will be contacting you again to let you know when it will be going live.

As technical facilities will be available for each session and as space will be at a premium in the Bay, we will be charging a fee of £50 per session in 2018.  No organisation will be able to book more than two sessions in the first instance but may be allowed to book additional sessions if slots are still available from 1 April onwards.