National Eisteddfod launches Storytelling competition

3 October 2017

The Welsh are famous for our ability to tell a good story.  

We can grab an audience, and take them on a rollercoaster journey, tackling every emotion on our way in a matter of minutes.

Our folk heritage is based on the Storyteller’s talents over the centuries, and this kept our literature alive, with stories passed from generation to generation, developing and evolving over the years as the Welsh ‘Cyfarwydd’ (storyteller) travelled across Wales looking for an audience to entertain.

This year sees the National Eisteddfod celebrate the spoken folklore of Wales, providing a stage for a talent which calls for very different skills to the traditional art of reciting - a storytelling competition.  Held on the informal stage of the Tŷ Gwerin at next year’s Cardiff Eisteddfod, this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who likes people and enjoys spinning a good yarn.

As we approach the end of the year when we have ceelebrated Welsh legends, what better way to ensure the future of our rich tradition of stories and tales than a national competition open to storytellers of all ages?

Telling a good story is a rare talent, and Catherine Aran, who is supporting this competition, is one of the best storytellers in Wales.  She says, “The Eisteddfod’s Tŷ Gwerin is the natural home for a competition like this, and I’m delighted to see this development in the 2018 List of Competitions.

“Nothing gives you the same thrill as knowing that you’ve grasped an audience’s attention with your story, and that everyone are listening attentively to hear what happens next.  It’s a feeling like no other, and I’m so pleased that more people will get to experience this thrill and develop their storytelling skills, thanks to the Eisteddfod.

“We’ve got so many stories and legends in Welsh, and as you travel the country you come across local tales, modern stories, and some stories which may stretch the truth a little bit!  And every storyteller has his or her own style, their unique way of telling a story, and this is what makes every performance different.”

Elen Elis, Eisteddfod Organiser, added, “I’m looking forward to introducing this competition in Cardiff next year and I encourage anyone who enjoys performing in front of an audience to enter so we have a fantastic competition in the Tŷ Gwerin.”

Details are available in the Recitation Section of the List of Competitions available to buy in local shops or on the Eisteddfod website.  All the details are also available online,

The Cardiff National Eisteddfod is held in Cardiff Bay from 3-11 August 2018.  For more details go online.