Matt Spry wins the 2018 Welsh Learner of the Year

8 August 2018

This year’s Welsh Learner of the Year is Matt Spry.  

He was honoured in a special ceremony on Wednesday evening at The Classroom, Cardiff and Vale College, following an excellent competition. 

The adjudicators were Lowri Bunford Jones, Carole Bradley and Lowri Haf Cooke.  The competition was sponsored by Blake Morgan.

Originally from Plymouth, Matt Spry has lived in Cardiff for five years, and has been learning Welsh since 2015.  He hopes to sit the Uwch (Higher) exam next year.  He works for Cardiff University’s School of Welsh as a tutor-organiser, responsible for organising and teaching Welsh to refugees and asylum seekers living in Cardiff. 

He says that learning Welsh has been a great help to him over the years, and has changed his life completely.  His ambition is to continue to work as a Welsh tutor with refugees and asylum seekers, and he would also enjoy working on other innovative teaching projects, including offering Welsh lessons in prisons, to people with mental health issues, or those with drugs and alcohol issues.

Matt received a trophy, donated by School of Welsh, Cardiff University and £300 from Peter and Gill Griffiths, Pentyrch, Cardiff.

The other three finalists, Steve Dimmick, Yankier Pijeira Perez and Nicky Roberts all received trophies donated by School of Welsh, Cardiff University, and a year’s subscription to the magazine, Golwg, and gifts from Merched y Wawr. Matt has also been invited to become a member of the Gorsedd.

Matt will be at the press conference on Thursday morning.