Learning about the Eisteddfod in Anglesey schools

18 June 2017

On Tuesday (20 June), pupils from Ysgol Bryngwran will have a chance to learn more about the Eisteddfod as the school receives a copy of a brand new education pack a few weeks before the festival is held in Bodedern from 4-12 August.

The Eisteddfod has created an information pack for the families of every KS2 pupil at Anglesey primary schools, and these will be distributed through the schools over the coming weeks.  Every school will also receive a pack including lessons, homework and group work for pupils in years 3,4,5 and 6.

Children will be able to learn about the Eisteddfod, through a wide range of activities which develop literacy, numeracy and digital skills, whilst supporting the aims of the Language Charter, promoting the use of Welsh in schools.

Dafydd Idriswyn Roberts, member of the Eisteddfod Executive and Language Charter champion in Anglesey said, “I’m delighted to see this attractive pack being launched in Ysgol Bryngwran.  I’m sure the children will enjoy learning about the Eisteddfod, especially as the festival is being held on our doorstep in Anglesey this year.

“I am particularly pleased to see the aims of the Language Charter being promoted within the pack, as well as a chance for the children to use all kinds of skills learning about the Eisteddfod.  I am also delighted that every KS2 family will receive information about the Eisteddfod, including details of the early bird bargain tickets which ends on 30 June.

“I hope the children enjoy learning about the Eisteddfod, and that this pack will encourage them to come to Bodedern at the beginning of August, as there will be hundreds of family activities across the Maes.“

The pack has been produced by the Eisteddfod, and according to chief executive, Elfed Roberts, “We have been keen to present information to children in a more structured way for a while, and we are grateful to the Welsh Government for their support to enable us to deliver this project, and produce an attractive pack which will be a very useful resource in the classroom.

“We are grateful to Hanna Huws from Menter Iaith Môn for preparing the pack, and I’m sure that the lessons and the various activities will inspire children across years 3-6.  We are looking forward to feedback from children and teachers, and hope this is a pack which can be developed and used in the future as we visit other parts of Wales.

“The content can be adapted easily to reflect different areas, and this could be very useful as the Language Charter is introduced in counties across Wales.”

The pack and education and family booklet will be distributed to every primary school on Anglesey over the next few days.  All the resources are also available on the Eisteddfod website, www.eisteddfod.cymru/addysg.

For more information about the Eisteddfod and to buy tickets, go online or ring 0845 4090 900.