Her Hywel gathers speed to lose weight

7 January 2016

Her Hywel (Hywel’s Challenge) has begun.  

Everyone has been weighed and the diets have started with well-known broadcaster and presenter, Hywel Gwynfryn, leading the pack.

The campaign, which runs from the beginning of January until the end of March is to give anyone who feels the need to lose a pound or two after Christmas a boost, with a social and fun campaign – which also helps to raise money for next year’s National Eisteddfod in Anglesey.

Hywel Gwynfryn says, “I often feel that I’ve overdone it at Christmas and new year with a few stray pounds appearing from nowhere.  That tells me that I need to do something about it, so I decided to lose weight in January.

“I was also very keen to support the Eisteddfod in my childhood home, Anglesey – so I had an idea – why not raise money by losing weight, helping the local fund along the way?  Losing weight can be very lonely, as anyone who’s tried dieting in the past will tell you, so I decided to encourage lots of other people to join me over the next few weeks.

“I must say that I’m surprised by the number of people who have joined the challenge – over twenty teams!  Fantastic!  And there are a number of teams from outside Anglesey as well.  I hope we’ll be able to get together at the end of March to celebrate that we’ve managed to lose weight and raise lots of money for the Eisteddfod!

“I’m very grateful to everyone who has been in touch to set up teams, offer prizes and to wish us well.  The support and the response has been a great boost, and will definitely help to keep me away from any naughty snacks over the next few weeks.”

So, the teams have been created, everyone weighed, and the hard work starts this week.  Teams will collect points as they lose weight and raise money, with every team receiving a point for every weight pound lost and another point for every cash pound raised.  The three teams with the highest number of points will win a prize at the end of the process.

Other sessions are also available for anyone needing a little boost to help them along with the challenge.  A free weekly gym session is available at Cartio Môn every Sunday or Monday evening, a weekly gym session in Enzone and a swimming or gym session is also available free of charge at one of Anglesey’ leisure centres.

The challenge ends on Easter weekend at the end of March, with another ‘weigh-in’ session to see how much weight has been lost during the first three months of the year

Prizes include a half day pamper session at Tre-Ysgawen Hall Spa, half a day paddle-boarding on the Anglesey coast with Pellennig and a ride along the Menai Straits on the Rib-Ride adventure boat.

For more information and to read the terms and conditions go to www.eisteddfod.wales/her-hywel, ring 07856 606 673 or email herhywel@gmail.com.

You can also donate by going to www.justgiving.com/HerHywelEisteddfod2017.


The Anglesey National Eisteddfod is held near Bodedern from 4-12 August 2017.  For more information go to www.eisteddfod.wales