Helen Williams wins the Elvet and Mair Elvet Thomas Memorial Trophy

4 August 2018

Helen Williams is the winner of the Elvet and Mair Elvet Thomas Memorial Trophy at the 2018 Cardiff National Eisteddfod.

The Trophy was presented at a special ceremony in Shw’mae Caerdydd Dysgu Cymraeg / Learn Welsh on the Eisteddfod Maes on Saturday 4 August.

The Trophy is presented to a Welsh tutor who is or has made an outstanding contribution to the Welsh for Adults sector, and is this year given by Rhiannon Gregory.

Helen Williams has worked in the sector since 1985, and has worked as a tutor in Cardiff, Swansea, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

She is currently Pembrokeshire’s Principal Welsh for Adults Tutor, one of the Canolfan Gymraeg Genedlaethol’s new providers.  She was instrumental in the work of setting up the Welsh for Adults sector in Pembrokeshire, and has vast experience of teaching Welsh for Adults at every level.

Hundreds of learners have benefitted from her experience and support, with her unassuming and professional attitude when training new and experienced tutors helping to increase the standard of teaching over the years.

As well as inspiring tutors, Helen has also inspired generations of learners, with many of them now fluent and some of them working as tutors themselves.  Again, her professional and committed attitude in the classroom inspires students to continue learning from year to year.

Helen is also instrumental in encouraging her students outside the classroom by attending extra-curricular events to support learners, like social evenings, quizzes and Ffrindiaith sessions

The Trophy is presented in memory of Elvet and Mair Elvet Thomas.  As a teacher in Cathays High School, Elvet Thomas inspired generations of students, the majority from non-Welsh speaking homes, to learn the language fluently.  He established an Urdd youth club in the school in the 1920s, and fully-embraced the Urdd’s activities during that exciting time. 

The ceremony is held in Shw’mae Caerdydd at 13:00 on 4 August.