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Coding, circuits, music and the Menai

7 August 17 - 14:00,


Take part in a challenging activity.  Scratch is an international coding software programme developed by MIT.  We’ll be using it to code games, quizzes and animations and more, linking the Eisteddfod with the local area in an innovative way.

Electronic Engineering

Build an ‘electric thief’, an electronic circuit which can ‘steal’ extra energy from an old battery.  Come and see (and hear) how your circuit works, find out how engineers can help to reduce energy wastage, and take your circuit home with you at the end of the session.

Acoustic Music

Interactive activity to create music without using traditional instruments.  Electroacoustic music can be created by recording sounds from any source, treated and transformed in a wide range of strange and wonderful ways using technology.  Create unique music through technical and human interaction.

Ocean Science

The flow of the sea: roll up your sleeves before venturing to recreate hidden flow, similar to those which happen ever day in our seas.  You can mix water and create fantastic underwater waves.