Creating the 2017 Learner of the Year Trophies

14 July 2017

Organisers got students from a local college involved in inspiring and creating this year's trophies.

We went along to Coleg Menai’s workshop in Parc Menai on the outskirts of Bangor to find out more about the project from Emma Smith, one of the artists involved.

“Working with copper was a new experience, so I started by creating a little maquette, which is a small scale model for the project.  I enjoyed using different chemicals like the platina powder to create the blue colour and the liver of sulphur to create the blackened effect.

“Two of us were chosen to work on the project and we hadn’t worked together before, so that’s been nice – a new experience.  I’m responsible for part of the work and Naomi’s been responsible for the engraving work.  Naomi’s style is quite free and I like to have a little more control in my work, but it’s been good getting this balance.”

“I got to the workshop last week and was given the copper sheets with Naomi’s work already engraved on them.  It’s my turn now, and I’ve got to shape and create the trophies for the competition.

“I work with silver most of the time so it’s been a change to work with something different and something this big.  The work I create is generally much smaller so this has been a challenge.  I concentrate on the details on things, and I’ve tried to include some details in this project.  Using shine and maybe drilling, I’m not sure yet.  We’ll see...

“I usually create jewellery, and I’ve been working a lot with porcelain recently for the college exhibition.  I’ve been creating bowls and using porcelain in jewellery; setting porcelain in rings and brooches and things like that.  Multi-media work.”

We’ll find out who’s won the main trophy created by Emma and Naomi on Wednesday evening 9 August at a special ceremony in Tre Ysgawen Hall, Llangefni.  Four learners have reached the final round, Hugh Brightwell, Emma Chappell, Richard Furniss and Daniela Schlick.

The Elvet and Mair Elvet Thomas Memorial Trophy, presented to the best Welsh language tutor, has also been created by Emma and Naomi, and this will be presented in Maes D at 13:00 on Saturday 5 August.

Watch Emma discussing her work in the clip below.