(008) Presentation in words, dance and song

Entry Deadline
 1 May 2017

Glannau (Shores)

At least three elements from the five noted must be included - traditional folk songs, cerdd dant, dance, drama and recitation - to create an imaginative performance.

The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes, including setting up and clearing the stage.  Movement, costumes and small scale props can be used.

An outline of the script should be sent by 1 July 2017 and a full copy by the Eisteddfod.

(The competition is also included in the Cerdd Dant, Dance, Drama and Recitation sections)



  1. Parti’r Ffynnon Trophy to be held for a year and £350 (Gwen Williams, Fferm Penrhyn, Llanfwrog)
  2. £250 (Richard a Carys Parry, Rhostrehwfa)
  3. £150 (Mari a Gwilym H Jones, Porthaethwy)