Sinemaes: Premiere Anorac

Sceeening of ‘Anorak’ and discussion with Huw Stephens and others                       
n. A waterproof jacket, typically with a hood
(fig) An obsessive person, usually with an unfashionable interest
Huw Stephens (Radio 1) is on a musical pilgrimage across Wales. From Cardiff to Ceredigion, Clwyd to Caernarfon, he meets and chats to some of his musical heroes including Meic Stevens, Dave Datblygu and Gruff Rhys, and listens to some of the most unique music from current and well known Welsh language artists. Buses… trains…. roadside cafes…. taxis…hitching lifts….the open road. And an anorak.
An insight into the Welsh language pop scene. An insight into a country on the fringes. Of a language that is fighting for survival.
Age limit 15+
Produced by : Boom Cymru
Location: Norwegian Church