Societies 2

Lectures, discussions and meetings of all kinds

The Societies Pavilions’ schedules are among the most interesting and varied on the Maes, and although the Eisteddfod is responsible for the pavilions, any organisation or society can apply to hold a meeting here during the week.  This is the home of discussion and debate at the Eisteddfod and is one of the Maes’ secrets.

We have two Societies pavilions on the Maes, Societies 1 and Societies 2.

Some societies apply to hold a meeting here because the Eisteddfod is held locally, and others come to us every year as it’s a chance for them to attract a national audience.  The schedule is full of lectures, discussion sessions, and reunions, everything under the sun. 

The pavilions are supported by the National Assembly for Wales and their stand is located between the two buildings.

Time Date Event name Theme Actions
10:30 7 August 2017 Blinding the masses: is Wales slipping from our grasp? View
11:30 7 August 2017 National Assembly for Wales View
12:30 7 August 2017 Martin Luther and his Devilish World View
13:30 7 August 2017 Promoting Welsh through legislation View
14:30 7 August 2017 The Wells of Anglesey View
15:30 7 August 2017 Diverting the water/wind to our own mill: local solutions to meet local energy needs View
16:30 7 August 2017 The Word, Society and the Mission – The Features of the Welsh Baptist Union over the centuries View
10:30 8 August 2017 The two literatures of Wales: do they belong together? View
11:30 8 August 2017 Owain Lawgoch – the sleeping hero View
12:30 8 August 2017 The Bonesetters of Anglesey View
13:30 8 August 2017 The Creation of the Ted Breeze Jones Society View
14:30 8 August 2017 2017 General Election View
15:30 8 August 2017 Rhodri Morgan: Father of the Nation View
16:30 8 August 2017 HM Courts and Tribunal Service View
10:30 9 August 2017 Friends of Ysgol y Moelwyn View
11:30 9 August 2017 National Assembly for Wales View
12:30 9 August 2017 RhAG Public Meeting View
13:30 9 August 2017 The Moment, The Hour and the Hole in the Roof View
14:30 9 August 2017 Law-making and the Welsh language View
15:30 9 August 2017 Illuminating the Future - Community Energy View
16:30 9 August 2017 Let's talk about mental health View
10:30 10 August 2017 Joneses in Anglesey, Patagonia & Chile in the second half of the 19 century View
11:30 10 August 2017 Anglesey, the Mother of Wales View
14:00 10 August 2017 Annual Meeting: Wales-Argentina Society View
15:30 10 August 2017 Annual Lecture: Welsh Language Planners View