2017 Eisteddfod Rock Prom

9 February 2017

On the eve of #DyddMiwsigCymru, the Eisteddfod has released details of the 2017 Rock Prom to be held at the Eisteddfod in Anglesey.


The Eisteddfod’s inaugural Rock Prom proved to be a memorable occasion. An audience of over 1,600 people were treated to musical masterpieces from Yr Ods, Sŵnami and Candelas accompanied by the backing of the Welsh Pops Orchestra.  For those present it was certainly an “I was there” moment.

Following the success of the evening the Eisteddfod has announced details of this year’s rock prom/gig which will again feature the Welsh Pops Orchestra who will be joined by Yws Gwynedd, Yr Eira, Alys Williams and the  Band and Mr Phormula.

Huw Stephens will host the night with Owain Llwyd as Musical Director.  Owain said, “I’m excited to return to the Eisteddfod stage to conduct this concert that will almost certainly be one of the highlights of the Anglesey Eisteddfod.  This year’s line up will appeal to Welsh music lovers and I look forward to working with the artists on such an exciting project”.

Eisteddfod Chief Executive, Elfed Roberts is also looking forward to the event, “Last year's gig at the Pavilion was an unforgettable evening.  It was fantastic to see people of all ages enjoying Welsh language bands in the Pavilion.  We were inundated with requests following the Eisteddfod asking us to organise a similar event in Anglesey so it was an easy decision to make with Yws Gwynedd and Yr Eira on the top of the list of bands to invite to perform. 

“The other artists have also made an impact over the last 12 months.  Alys has  an amazing voice and including Mr Phormula in the line up is certainly very exciting, I don’t think we’ve ever had a hip hop artist perform on the Pavilion stage before!”

To launch the event the Eisteddfod will host a special acoustic performance by Yr Eira as part of #DyddMiwsigCymru on 10 February.  Yr Eira will perform at Castle Emporium, Cardiff at 17:30.

Undoubtedly one of the main, if not the biggest pop star in Wales at the moment. Yws Gwynedd has an impressive back-catalogue and the popularity of Yws, and his indie pop anthemic songs, proves that success can be achieved through the Welsh language pop scene.

Yr Eira draw from the template set by energetic indie guitar bands such as Temples and  Pond.  They have recently been back in the studio working on a new album due for release on the influential I-kaching label.  Their melodic songs will be a perfect match for orchestral accompaniment and will ensure them an enthusiastic response from the Eisteddfod crowd.

Anglesey born rapper, Ed Holden  first came to prominence as a member of Hip Hop outfit Genod Drwg back in 2005.   Since then his vocal acrobatics have earned him an enviable reputation with performances across the globe.  Last year’s EP release ‘Un Ffordd’ was a testament to his unique abilities and with a new album in the making it is sure to be a busy year for Ed or Mr Phormula as he is otherwise known.

Never has a TV programme’s title been so true as with Alys Williams.  Following a successful appearance on the BBC’s ‘The Voice’ her mesmerising vocal tone has seduced all those lucky enough to hear her perform.

The second Eisteddfod Rock Prom ‘Gig y Pafiliwn’ will be held at the Eisteddfod Pavilion at the Anglesey National Eisteddfod on Thursday, 10 August.   Tickets will go on sale from 3 April.  www.eisteddfod.wales or 0845 4090 800.

Yr Eira’s acoustic performance: Castle Emporium, Cardiff, 10 February at 17:30.

2017 Rock Prom promo: